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File:Republic roundel.png
Roundel of the Armed Forces of the Republic

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Coruscant refers to the unified military forces of the Republic of Coruscant.

The Coruscanti Army, Navy, and Air Force are all considered "armed services of the Republic of Coruscant", and adhere to the direction of the Department of Defense.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all considered "armed services of the United States", and similarly adhere to the direction of the Department of Defense. The Coruscanti Military is also a unique armed service in that it has no marine corps. The Coruscanti Army can handle missions normally conducted by other nation's marine corps; thus the Coruscanti Army fulfills the role of a marine corps, much like the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

The Coruscanti military has a strong tradition of combined-arms operations. The rationale is to prevent or minimize any sort of inter-arms competition. Many units across branches are usually issued power armor to be used whenever it is appropriate.

Service branches of the Coruscanti Military


The bread and butter of the Coruscanti Military. Perhaps the oldest branch of the entire Coruscanti Military.

Coruscanti Troopers (left to right: Medic, Desert, Winterized, Forest, Jungle, Senate Guard, Space Trooper)

The main mission of the Coruscanti Army is to provide defense of the Republic of Coruscant, its cities, provinces, and any areas it occupies. The Coruscanti Army also preserves peace and security, opposing any nations responsible for aggressive acts that threaten the peace and security of the Republic of Coruscant.

The Coruscanti Army is unique in that it also serves as the nation's marine corps. The Army is robust, able to overcome any situation that it encounters. Training and experience allegedly renders the Army almost on par with the Sardaukar, although Coruscanti soldiers are unquestionably more humane.

Coruscanti Troopers during the Barbanian War

Senate Guards

Exemplary members of the Army are selected to be guards for the Coruscanti Senate and House of Representatives, as well as serving as bodyguards to Coruscanti government officials. They are often seen with melee weapons such as Power Sledges and halberds for ceremonial decoration (and have been trained in their use if such a need arises), as well as conventional secondary weapons such as submachine guns and pistols. The Senate Guards are perhaps the most ferocious division of the Coruscanti Army owing to their fanatical loyalty and zealous devotion to protect the individuals they are assigned to.

The ferocious senate guards

Storm Commandos

Lovingly adopted from Wookiepedia
Storm Commandos

The storm commandos, also known as Imperial commandos or shadow scouts, are elite members of the special forces branch of the Coruscanti Army. Storm commandos are tasked with instilling uprisings on enemy systems and to subdue insurrections on Coruscanti-held worlds. They also conduct specialized operations such as reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, direct action and counter-terrorism actions. In certain situations, they also act as bounty hunters for the state when the government of Coruscant issues a bounty or warrant for an individual (e.g. Osama bin Laden, The Hacker, etc.). Sometimes they operate independently in confidential, high-sensitivity missions, or alongside the main Coruscanti Army to add in a force multiplier.

Samus demonstrating armor used by the Coruscanti Raider. Note the more sophisticated night vision goggles and the use of energy weapons that normal raiders lack.

The storm commandos have access to a wide variety of weapons not commonly assigned to the regular army.

Despite being officially part of the regular army, both CivGeneral and Samus Aran are considered Storm Commandos due to their mission histories. Jill Valentine would be considered part of the storm commandos due to her history with the United States Delta Force

Both the storm commandos and the senate guards share similarly-colored armor, suggesting that the majority of storm commandos are selected to be senate guards.

The guerrilla Raider division wears armor similar to that of the Pit Raiders, when conducting raids into enemy territory to pillage wealth, arms, and generally destroy enemy infrastructure and equipment to hurt the enemy's ability to wage war. Coruscanti Raiders also serve as land-based privateers against enemies of the Republic. To avoid confusion between the Coruscanti Raider and the typical barbarian image, many carry the Republic Emblem crudely painted somewhere on their armor.

The storm commandos were inspired to form the Raider division after observing raider tactics in the skirmish in Syracuse, New York, combined with a history of partisan activities during the first half of both the Avatar Wars and the Combine-Coruscant War, when raids were conducted to support the weakened Republic. Coruscanti Raiders are typically better-equipped than their derivatives, and abide by most of the rules of combat. The actions of this division have yet to be seen...

Hazardous Environment Combat Unit

The HECU are a unique branch within the Storm Commandos that are tasked with combat in hazardous conditions involving radioactive and/or biological agents as well as unconventional enemies such as mutants, zombies, and/or aliens.

With the embarrassing events that happened with the United States Marine's HECU during the resonance cascade in Half-Life as well as entering into the war on terrorism. The HECU has became affiliated with the Special Tactics And Rescue Service. Though technically the HECU is not a police unit, the HECU are known to work in conjunction with local SWAT teams in Coruscant as a SWAT axillary unit as well as backing up security within Black Mesa.

Many within the Brotherhood of Steel that are part of the HECU. Though CivGeneral is the only one that has the BoS crest on his armor. Largely to separate him from other STARS HECU with little confusion as possible, especially when CivGeneral is wearing a gas mask.

National Guard Militia

The Coruscanti Militia

Each city and province has its own garrison of militiamen to defend itself if ever the need arises. Militia equipment is typically from army surplus stores and weapons discontinued by the Army (from Coruscant and other nations), a custom developed due to reliance on scavenging and improvisation during the Combine Occupation. Their combat uniform is an urban camouflaged variant of the Rebel Citizen in Half-Life 2.

During times of peace, they often engage in Civil Defense preparedness, aiding local fire departments, law enforcement, and security personnel during natural disasters and state emergencies. Typically they are under the command of a City Mayor (in central Coruscant; the five unified city-states) or a Provincial/Planetary Governor.

During times of war, they can be mobilized for active duty to supplement the regular Coruscanti Army.

They function similar to the United States Army National Guard in Real Life.

Unit types

Infantryman: The bread and butter of the Republic's army. Typically armed with HK-416s, Plasma Rifles, or Laser Rifles. Some squad level commanders are issued submachine guns or compact variants of the laser rifle.

Grenadier: Typically armed with an HK-416 w/ grenade launcher. For energy weapon variant grenadiers, they are issued with a greater quantity of grenades than the infantrymen.

Close Assault: The stormtroopers of the Republic. Armed mainly with submachine guns such as the MP5, MP7, P90, or a compact variant of the energy rifle.

Assault Shotgunner: A variant of the Close Assault trooper armed with the Franchi SPAS-12, Pancor Jackhammer, or any number of combat shotguns. The Republic is the only armed forces to deploy shotgunners into combat rather than regulating them to security. They were deemed necessary after the zombie infection within New Port City's underworld. Energy weapon variants are armed with the Metal Blaster or Tri-Laser Rifle.

Designated Marksman: A solder issued with a scoped rifle, typically a sniper assigned to squad support. Lone wolf DMs are termed snipers.

Assault Machine Gunner: Machine gunners armed with the Bren light machine gun. Provides squad support firepower where a heavy machine gun is impractical or unnecessary. Some assault machine gunners are equipped with M249 SAWs.

Machine Gunner: The heavier variant of the assault machine gunner that typically welds M-60s, MG42s (or modern variants), or any general purpose or heavy machine gun.

Heavy: Named after the iconic character in Team Fortress 2. These solders wield portable miniguns or Gatling lasers into combat. They should not be confused with conventional machine gunners. Coupled with Power Armor, they literally become walking tanks.

Pyro: Soldiers armed with flamethrowers or incendiary grenades.

Cyro: These units were developed specifically to exploit the weakness of the Metroids by enveloping enemies in a blast of liquid nitrogen, thereby freezing them to death. They are considered a sub-variant/cousin of the Pyro.

Anti-Tank: Soldiers armed with rocket launchers or anti-tank rifles. Rocket launcher-armed soldiers are sometimes paired with cyro units if Metroids are encountered.

Support: Medic and/or engineer armed with a pump shotgun or a submachine gun for self-defense.

Guard: Unique Senate Guards. They wield conventional weapons, energy weapons, or melee weapons. They are the only unit within the Republic Army to utilize melee weapons such as halberds and Super Sledges.


Asterisk denotes energy weapons

  • HK-416
  • MP7
  • P90
  • Winchester P-94 Plasma Rifle *
  • Glock 86 Plasma Pistol *
  • DC-15S blaster *
  • DC-15A blaster rifle *
  • Seburo Mn-23
  • Seburo M-5
  • AER9 Laser Rifle *
  • AEP7 Laser Pistol *
  • MG-42
  • M1919 Browning machine gun
  • M2 Browning machine gun
  • Boys Anti-Tank Rifle
  • Bren light machine gun
  • Barrett M82A1
  • SKS Rifle (Ceremonial weapon)
  • Seburo M80 Gatling Laser *
  • Seburo M75 Minigun
  • HK USP Pistol
  • HK-91
  • SPAS-12
  • Benelli M1014
  • Benelli M3
  • Remington 870

Combat vehicles

Air defense systems


Perhaps the most distinguished branch of the Coruscanti Military, the Navy operates both seafaring ships on terrestrial planets (sometimes the sole armed force on aquatic planets and moons like Ganymede) and space ships.

The Coruscanti Naval personnel on the R.N.S. Ranger
File:RepublicWar Ensign.png
Current Coruscanti Naval Ensign

The Coruscanti Navy is responsible for the operation and deployment of sea-based vessels while its Space Corps handles the operation and deployment of space-based vessels. The Republic Navy has a mixture of American, Russian, and World War II era British ship classes.

  • Iowa-class battleship
  • Montana-class battleship
  • Alaska-class battlecruiser
  • Admiral-class battlecruiser
  • Ohio-class nuclear submarine
  • Seawolf-class nuclear attack submarine
  • Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine
  • Nimitz-class supercarrier
  • Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
  • Slava-class cruiser
  • Ticonderoga-class cruiser
  • Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate

Space Corps

An Imperial Star Destroyer, mainstay of Coruscant's starfleet.

This branch of the Coruscanti navy is responsible for spaceship operations, typically in defense of Coruscanti-held planets and transportation of the Army & Air Force[1] to other planets.

The Coruscanti Space Navy crew

Naval Aviation

This branch utilizes aircraft based from carriers and helipads built on naval warships. The terrestrial naval component utilizes aircraft launched from aircraft carriers to project their power and execute Anti-Submarine warfare.

A Coruscanti starfighter taking off from the aquatic carrier R.N.S. Wilbur Wright

The space component of the Coruscanti Naval Aviation has a complement of starfighers and star-bombers and actively maintains and operates them from within the starship they are attached to. In the initial invasion of a planet, they are the sole source of air power for the invading force.

On atmospheric-capable spaceships with a built in landing strip such as the Venator-class Star Destroyer and if there is a complement of Tu-95s, a small unit of Air Force personnel are stationed aboard the ship. Their sole purpose is to operate the bombers; naval crews typically aid in the maintenance. The Republic Navy maintains its own complement of Tu-95s on terrestrial planets for maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare[2]

Coast Guard

This branch is responsible mainly for the defense and patrol of the coastlines of the Republic of Coruscant. Like the United States Coast Guard in Real Life, the Coruscanti Coast Guard is also responsible for monitoring and intercepting drug trafficking and defense of the coast. During war time, it is mobilized to supplement the Coruscanti Navy.

The Space Component of the Coruscanti Coast Guard shares the same responsibilities as its terrestrial waterborne counterparts, but with added responsibilities in the defense of space platforms, outposts, and routine patrols of space routes.

Air Force

Coruscanti aircraft lined up
A Coruscanti ARC-170 at Rivet City during the Battle of Washington D.C.

Perhaps the youngest branch of the Coruscanti Military, it developed out of the Army Air Corps after the First Nazi War into its own branch. The Air Force's main responsibility is planetary air superiority. Though the Coruscanti Air Force does have starfighters in its inventory, these are typically restricted to operation within the planet's thermosphere.

The aircraft inventory consist of modern jet fighters, futuristic starfighters, and various bombers including the Tu-95 Bear. The Republic of Coruscant is perhaps the only western nation to have an inventory of Tu-95s; albeit the majority of the planes are copies either bought from Russia intact or in a derelict state in aircraft boneyards. The main difference of the Coruscanti Tu-95 is that it is manufactured by a joint effort between Megatech and SoroSuub corporations, upgraded with more modern hardware and harded electronics, and of course bears the Republic Emblem on the roundel instead of the Soviet roundel. The Coruscanti Tu-95 replaced the ageing B-17, B-25, and B-29 used in earlier conflicts. It is not uncommon to see Tu-95s stored in Venator-class Star Destroyers to be deployed when the ships are operating in a planet's atmosphere to increase the ship's strike range. Though they are called Bears by their NATO Code Name, many Coruscanti personnel call their novel variant Cyberbirds (サイバーバード saibābādo).[3]


Asterisk indicates the aircraft is shared by both the Air Force and the Navy;
Double asterisk indicates the aircraft is solely used by the Navy

Rank Insignia

The Republic of Coruscant's armed forces use a mix of various rank insignias, mostly borrowing from the United States and former Soviet rank insignias. These have been modified to fit into the unique rank system of the Coruscanti Military, since they include two ranks

  1. Line Captain/High Colonel: lies between Captain/Colonel and Commodore(Rear Admiral Lower Half in the US)/Brigadier General. In the Sovietesque shoulder-board for the Colonel/Captain 1st rank, an extra star is placed above the third star; similar to the Captain/Lt. Captain's shoulder boards, though with two stripes and thicker stars. For the collar and hat pin, an eagle is used with a star above it.
  2. High Admiral/Surface Marshal: ranks above Fleet Admiral/General of the Army/General of the Air Force[4]. This rank uses the Marshal of the Soviet Union/Admiral of the Soviet Union shoulder board with the Republic emblem replacing the globe & sickle and hammer. The collar and hat pin uses six stars, five of which are arranged like the Five Star General/Admiral and the sixth in the middle.


Main article: Brotherhood of Steel

The Coruscanti Brotherhood of Steel serves as a consolidation of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and salvagers from across the Republic. The Brotherhood serves as an auxiliary wing of the Armed Forces of the Republic. During times of peace, they extend their services as mercenaries and bounty hunters to friendly nations under a letter of marque. During wartime, they are absorbed into the Republic Army.

Behind the Scenes

Since the introduction of the Combat Armor ragdolls for use as standard Coruscanti Troopers, the older ragdolls represent "talking characters" since the Combat Armor ragdolls ported into Garry's Mod utilize Day of Defeat face meshes, and are not face-posable.

The Coruscanti Army historically utilizes similar uniforms as the Free Western Army during the Barbanian War. Notably the Brodie helmet. This is in homage to the United States usage of the British Brodie helmet during World War I, the interbellum era, and early World War II until the adoption of the M1 helmet in 1942.

Due to the lack of unscoped Springfield rifles in Garry's Mod, the Lee Enfield Rifle is used as a substitute in historical depictions of the Coruscanti Army.



  1. Usually non-hyperspace-capable craft, which include aircraft that can only operate within a planetary atmosphere.
  2. Like its counterpart the Lockheed P-3 Orion that is used by the United States Navy for the same mission in Real Life
  3. Named after a song in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
  4. There is no equivalent for the Air Force at this time