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Eons ago, aliens from another galaxy had accidentally dropped a load of milk into the Milky Way, thus turning it into milk. Other aliens harvested this resource and consumed it in great numbers, making the milk almost gone.

But there were rumours that there was still "Milky Way Milk" left in the galaxy, it was just under high guard as it was the only carton left.

For part of later DYOS V, this was a quest initiated by taillesskangaru in the same style as the quest for the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel.
Not many people were enthusiastic about the quest[1], except for Stylesrj who would pursue it with reckless abandon.

The milk was located on the planet Communo, but it was soon moved away after an invasion and Stylesrj had to seek out greater wisdom to locate it.

After several deaths and faction changes, the Milky Way Milk had been secured by Stylesrj at last and he went to have a taste. Turns out, the milk was none other than chocolate ice cream! [2]

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  1. Understatement. Most of the people went on their own quests
  2. Although Perfection claimed it was frozen yoghurt.