Miocene Arrow

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Miocene Arrow Colored.png
The Miocene Arrow, "Hannibal's Elephant" (or "White Elephant") to its detractors
Name: Miocene Arrow
Builder: Central Vostok Aerospace
Fate: Destroyed over Earth, 13 July 2011
General characteristics
Class and type: Alps assault carrier
Type: Command Ship
Assault Carrier
Decks: Three large hangars
Propulsion: Several fusion thrusters
Hyperdrive: Dromon II Integrated
Complement: Fighters, bombers
Sensors and
processing systems:
Short-range sensors
"Atlantic" Hybrid Manual-Automatic Systems (HMAS)
Intrasystem and intersystem communications
Armament: Four "Orban" siege cannons, a large number of rapid-fire energy turrets, missile launchers, details classified
Shield generators: "Testudo" shielding

The Miocene Arrow was an Alps-class Super-Heavy Assault Carrier in service in the Cosmonautic Armada of Vostok. One of the largest, most advanced and most expensive ships in the CAV Arsenal, it was capable of taking down entire enemy fleets with the help of hundreds of fighters stationed in its hangars. The "Orban" siege cannons mounted on its deck and under its hull were very energy-intensive, though when they fired they were capable of wiping out entire cities, and then some.

Despite fierce resistance by its crew and its complement of fighters, the Miocene Arrow was destroyed during a Clone Guild ambush en route to planet Earth in 2011.[1]


The ship is named after a sci-fi novel by Sean McMullen.

The Miocene Arrow as first seen during DYOS 10.5