Mission to Zebes

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For the Third Nazi War battle, see Liberation of Zebes
Mission to Zebes
Part of the HAAAX Crisis & Pirate Resurgence
CivGeneral, Samus Aran, and Roxane Rose (as Pyro) fighting Ridley
DateMarch 20, 2010 - April 19, 2010
Result Space Pirate Mothership & Mother Brain 2.0 destroyed; connection between the Hacker and Combine Portal R&D severed; Battle of Nar Kreeta
CGBoS.png Brotherhood of Steel
MingDynastyEU3.png Ming Dynasty
Blazing Claw 1.png Space Pirates
Zombified Space Nazi soldiers
Commanders and leaders
CGBoS.png CivGeneral
CGBoS.png Samus Aran
MingDynastyEU3.png Zheng He
Blazing Claw 1.png The Hacker
Blazing Claw 1.png Mother Brain 2.0
Blazing Claw 1.png Ridley
Blazing Claw 1.png Kraid†

The Mission to Zebes, otherwise known as Samus's Second Zero Mission, involved CivGeneral and Samus Aran heading to the newly liberated planet of Zebes to put Mother Brain 2.0 offline and sever the link between the Hacker and the Combine Teleportation Labratories on Nar Kreeta.


In the aftermath of the Hacker's mass teleportation of Muffies and Deathclaws around Earth and data recovered from the Manzen Temple Skirmish, Motoko Kusanagi theorized that the Hacker had access to the Combine Teleportation Laboratories via Mother Brain 2.0, abandoned during the Third Nazi War yet still operational.

Into the depths of Zebes

Much of the Space Nazi infastructure had either been destroyed during the liberation or had fallen into disrepair. Samus and CivGeneral were forced to navigate through the inner caverns of Zebes to reach the largely-intact cavern matrix housing Mother Brain.

The unlucky survivors of the previous Coruscanti assault succumbed to widespread biological and radiological contamination; by the time of Our Heroes' mission, they had degenerated into infected zombies and feral ghouls. In addition to these minor setbacks, the duo also had to contend with Kraid and Ridley, who provided hard evidence of a Space Pirate infestation[1][2]. They also encountered some familiar faces such as Bender Rodriguez and an unnamed Pyro, later revealed to be Pirate Slave Roxane Rose[3].

Once in the computer matrix, CivGeneral inputted the deactivation code to disconnect Mother Brain from the Combine-Nazi Network and neutralize her self-defense mechanism, but triggered a complex-wide self-destruct sequence in the process. Having destroyed Mother Brain they made a dash to the planet surface, but before they could make their escape into orbit, they were intercepted by a patrolling fighter and shot down[4].

Surviving the crash, they infiltrated a space cruiser to destroy it and hijack a fighter to escape home. They were discovered, and were forced to flee into the Chozo ruins conveniently accessible directly underneath the ship. Unwittingly entering the Ruins Test, CivGeneral fought the Chozo God of War and was awarded the legendary Power Suit[5]. Returning to the ship, Samus and CG hacked the computer mainframe and redirected an invasion fleet en route to Pandora to Nar Kreeta before overloading the main reactor. As they scrambled for evac transport they met Roxane Rose, who revealed herself to be their mysterious Pyro benefactor. Roxane had secured a space transport, and the three fled into space shortly before the cruiser was destroyed[6].


The Space Pirates and the Hacker were dealt a heavy blow, losing the tactical advantage of unrestricted teleportation. The re-routed Pandora fleet faced a more prepared Republic Navy at Nar Kreeta, and would suffer significant losses in the future battle. Most importantly, the death of Ridley and the loss of their Mothership-class cruiser threw Space Pirate command into disarray.