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Mjwhear in his current incarnation, Mjcommie
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 5
No. appearances Relatively few
Aliases Mjcommie
Species Human/Tank
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Young
Address New Communo
Occupation Communist leader.
Starsign Unknown
Religion Atheist
Nationality Himself, Australian

Mjwhear is a real life friend of Stylesrj and contributes a comic or two every once in a great while. He is almost universally agreed to be the spammiest person to ever contribute a comic, even more so than Stylesrj or kill fire.

In DYOS, he refers to himself as "Mjcommie", is a communist, and is represented by a tank with a bunch of followers, who are also tanks. Because Mjcommie is a rare contributor, Stylesrj likes to use his character in his comics. Most of the time, he is an antagonist to Stylesrj's groups.