Monkey Statue of Spamuzel

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The Monkey Statue

The Monkey Statue of Spamuzel is an ancient idol which supposedly grants the holder the power to win any argument. Naturally, it would be highly-sought after by the "philosophers" of CFC Off-Topic. According to legend, the Monkey Statue was once eaten by a shark which transformed him into former moderator FredLC and gave him awesome arguing powers. It forms the backbone of the plot of DYOS 5.

After DYOS 5, the Monkey Statue was used several times as a plot device, mostly by taillesskangaru when he ran out of ideas. Its current location is unknown.


The Statue bizarrely reappeared in DYOS 10 as the "Earth's Core". Retrieved from the depths of Hell by GuitarHero, it was given to taillesskangaru who - not knowing what it actually was - planned to use it to bribe Rocket into defecting from the New Avatar Order. When he found out what he was carrying, the statue ate him. The zombified Monkey Statue of Spamuzel was restrained by CivGeneral and Co. and then delivered to Rocket, who was also promptly eaten.

Some time after that, the two inexplicably got their souls fused into one body.


Suspicious Monkey Statue of Spamuzel

What monkey statue? I don't see any monkey statue. Who's been feeding you such lies? Tell me! Look, there is no such thing as a suspicious monkey statue. It was not found by Chuck the Freaking Alien and stored in his spaceship in DYOS V.

It definitely did not disappear shortly afterwards in order to reduce suspicion. Of course not. That would be suspicious... right?

If there was such a statue, it'd have no powers so far, but it would have a mind of its own, but since there isn't a statue, it does not have these non-existent powers.

Why are you still reading this? There is no such statue. This article does not exist! You're staring at a 404!

Size Changing Relic of Spamuzel

This relic could manipulate a person or object's size at will of the user. It had found its way into Stylesrj's possession in DYOS V and was used several times.

It was used to explain why objects around Stylesrj's advisors seemed larger than they normally are, rather than claiming them to be large props all the time.

The current whereabouts of this artifact are unknown. Probably still in Stylesrj's possession.

Secret Nazi Statue of Spamuzel

This relic allowed the wielder to summon a horde of Nazis to attack a location of the user's choice. It was used against Stylesjl in early DYOS V.

It had also found its way into Chuck the Freaking Alien's UFO's cargo hold before the vehicle was destroyed. The current whereabouts of this relic are unknown.

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