Motoko Kusanagi

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Motoko Kusanagi
Major Kusanagi in the Stand Alone Complex series
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 4
No. appearances 6
Created by Masamune Shirow
Portrayed by
  • Japanese
  • Atsuko Tanaka
  • English
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (anime)
  • Mimi Woods (film series)
  • Alison Matthews (OVA)
Nickname(s) The Major, Cybernetic Chancellor[a]
Aliases Chroma (online avatar)
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Classified
Age ~31
Address New Port City
Nationality Coruscanti, Japanese
Cybernetics Full-bodied cyborg
5th Chancellor of Coruscant
In office
15 October 2011 – ca. 2013
Preceded by Franklin Roster
Succeeded by Hanna Antilles
Chancellor of Coruscant
In office
15 March 2010 – 15 Cotober 2011
Appointed by CivGeneral
Military service
Allegiance  Republic of Coruscant (to 2011)
CG BoS logo.svg Brotherhood of Steel (2011– )
Service/branch Special Tactics And Rescue Service
Years of service ca. 2003 – present
Rank Sentinel
Unit STARS Beta Team
Commands Task Force St. Louis (2010)
Battles/wars DYOS IV
Combine–Coruscant War
Third Nazi War
Awards Imperial Medal of Honor
Medal for Victory in the Combine–Coruscant War

Major Motoko Kusanagi is a fictional Japanese character in the Ghost in the Shell anime and manga series. She is a cyborg employed as the squad leader of Public Security Section 9, a fictional division of the real Japanese National Public Safety Commission.

Major Kusanagi was the personification of CivGeneral throughout DRAW Your Own Story 5, and made cameo appearances in later threads. She was restored to a supporting role in DYOS 10, working as a double agent for the Combine and Coruscantis. In Plans Within Plans she is a front-line army commander, receiving a brevet promotion to Major General during the Third Nazi War, and presently serves as de facto chief of staff of the Coruscanti armed forces. Following the assassination of Franklin Roster in 2010, CivGeneral appointed Kusanagi acting Chancellor; she was elected Chancellor proper in the 2011 election, an office she held through to the end of DYOS XI.

History of involvement


Kusanagi appeared as early as DRAW Your Own Story 4. After CivGeneral's body was destroyed by CurtSibling's spam blast, his cyberbrain was uploaded into Kusanagi's databanks, allowing him to communicate telepathically and guide her through assignments, presumably for the rest of the thread. Her first mission was a raid on Sibling's space cruiser Spamgrad/Spamburg in retaliation for the destruction of MegaTech's prosthetic body manufacturing facilities. Kusanagi's squad overpowered the crew and captured the ship, for which she received the Imperial Medal of Honor.


Kusanagi was the primary Coruscanti agent in the Quest for the Monkey Statue, under instruction from Palpatine and the Imperial Catholic Church. As the plot shattered and CG went head-to-head with Stylesrj, Kusanagi could be seen leading huge armies against random planets and massive theatres on Earth. At the very end of the thread she was SHOT IN HEAD. She did not appear in DYOS 6, presumably to recover, although her name was lent to a passenger rail line seen in early comics.

Avatar Wars

Kusanagi was initially established as a non-rebellious avatar working with the Loyalists. She was intended to escort Yoda to CG as he recovered his memories, but was captured by Mara Jade.[1] She soon broke out of captivity and instigated a mutiny with sleeper agents aboard Mara's ship; Mara then fled to the Avatar Supreme Commander's South Pole Base.[2]

Kusanagi returned much later in the thread, inexplicably having been roped into service with the Combine Empire.[3] Having disabled their control over her cybernetics, she teamed up with CG and Co., unaware that she was carrying a tracking device that led the Combine to Dune.[4]

Third Nazi War

Major Kusanagi wearing captured Enclave Officer's Armor

Kusanagi was assigned to lead a task force in the Battle of the Bulge en route from New York City to Los Angeles, making a brief stop at Las Vegas following the rescue of CG and Co. from Dr. Breen. After the Battle of Los Angeles, she was given a brevet rank of Major General and given the task of flushing out remaining Enclave forces scattered about the Pacific as well as defend Japan and prevent the Enclave from penetrating the Eastern Union's back door.

Major Kusanagi as depicted in Fallout 3

Following the assassination of Franklin Roster, she was appointed acting chancellor by CivGeneral in order to stabilize the Coruscanti government until proper elections could be organized.[5] Under her new capacity, she authorized the nuclear strike against the Enclave offshore command centre.[6] Kusanagi was a direct combatant in the ensuing battle for Japan.[7] She confronted CG-X as he readied the FEV bomb in and underground parking garage and (assumedly) disarmed it.[8] Kusanagi received Breen following his capture, offering him in simple terms the choice either to formally surrender, or face "aggressive negotiations".[9] Opting for the former, Breen was arrested and taken into custody.

Immediately afterward, Kusanagi assigned Marsha Conrad with a mission to break Rudolph Krieger out of Feldmarshall Schäffer's headquarters in Germany. She elaborated on suspected links between Krieger and Mr. Toyoda; ostensibly, she wants to question him on Toyoda's whereabouts.[9]

On October 15 following a behind-the-scenes election campaign, Kusanagi was inaugurated as Chancellor of the Republic. Shortly thereafter, she delivered an address akin to the State of the Union, in which she urged for greater restraint and rationality in dealing with Toyoda, and foreshadowed a crackdown on the CIA's vigilanteism in the matter.[10]


Major Kusanagi was the first to discover what happened during the events of the One Hour War and suggested that both CivGeneral and Samus Aran find the Hacker and deliver him to justice.[11] While in New Port City, she has coordinated with admirals and generals of the Coruscanti military to close off any infrastructure the Hacker could exploit.

As a Brotherhood Sentinel during this time, she held reservations on letting the army loose on either the Hacker or Lucifer, opting instead to deploy it against the Space Pirates and leaving the main antagonists to the Brotherhood.[12]



G.O.A.T. Results & Tagged Skills

  • Tattoo Artist
  • Small Guns
  • Science[c]
  • Repair (With the Tag! perk)
  • Unarmed


"Isn't it fun to work under a commander who actually knows what she's doing?"
― Batou

Motoko is a commanding presence when on assignment. She goes scuba diving for relaxation, although she is so heavy that she would sink like an anchor if any malfunction in her buoyancy devices were to occur.[d] The Major retains much of her personality, abilities, and spunk from the manga in the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and its followup Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, although she isn't disrespectful towards Chief Aramaki like she is in the manga.

Fallout Perks

Based largely on her abilities from the Ghost in the Shell series

Despite having the Cyborg perk, she chose not to use any sort of Energy Weapons, instead relying on small guns such as her Seburo M-5. The other perks she has are Computer Whiz and Robotics Expert. At times she has taken the advantage of the Black Widow perk at times as seen in both Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and 2nd GIG.

Behind the Scenes

For the Fallout 3 depiction of Major Kusanagi, there were no jackets in the style she wore that did not feature a tunnel stakes logo and small bump decals on the collar, nor were there any one-piece leotards. CivGeneral had to make use of the Wastelander Scout outfits on Fallout Nexus to use as a substitute which, other than the short jacket, is a close match to the outfit she wore during the latter part of Stand Alone Complex.

Both Motoko Kusanagi & Marsha Conrad share the same hairstyle in their Fallout depictions, although the Major has purple hair while Marsha has black/brunette hair.

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  1. In reference to Bismarck's nickname of Iron Chancellor
  2. In keeping in line with the limits of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
  3. Due to the fact she can hack terminals and computers with ease
  4. This is inconsistent in third-party representation, as her ragdoll in Garry's Mod floats and the player character in Fallout 3 can swim.


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Personae of CivGeneral
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Government offices
Preceded by
Franklin Roster
Chancellor of Coruscant (acting)
15 March 2010 – 15 October 2011
Elected chancellor
Chancellor of Coruscant
15 October 2011 – ca. 2013
Succeeded by
Hanna Antilles