Mr. Toyoda

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Mr. Toyoda
Mr. Toyoda in Garry's Mod
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10
Created by Thorvald of Lym
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Address Kitami, Japan
Occupation Legitimate businessman
Nationality Japanese

The self-styled and enigmatic “Guardian of Hokkaidō”, Mr. Toyoda was thrust centre stage after the fall of kulade’s New Avatar Order, when General Grievous began searching for “Thunderfall’s cure”. Portrayed as a supporting protagonist in DRAW Your Own Story 10, Coruscanti attitudes grow increasingly antagonistic during Part II over the Hokkaidō Question, leading to particular animosity from CIA acting director Randy Johnson. Toyoda is in control of an “all-purpose security firm” that is more akin to a standing army than a business venture. His morals and ethics are indiscernible, and while virtually anonymous on the world stage, individual opinion of him ranges wildly, with some blasting him as ‘evil’ while others call him ‘divine’.


Bjørn encountered Toyoda midway through the Avatar Wars in a chalet in Germany.[1] At the time, he was not identified; only the back of his chair and the silhouette of his arms were seen by the audience. Toyoda's dialogue with Bjørn suggested he was intricately familiar with the New Avatar Order. Although he maintained a position of outward neutrality, he gave Bjørn a purple box containing the soul of Thunderfall[2], revealed later to be a key impediment to the Avatar Supreme Commander's quest to wrest control of CivFanatics.[3]

Search for Toyoda

In the aftermath of the Avatar Wars, Bjørn revealed Toyoda to be the mysterious benefactor, triggering an episode by Thorvald of Lym.[4] Shortly afterward, Thorvald hired CivGeneral to apprehend Toyoda with an offer of €200 000 000 000.[5] CivGeneral and Co. immediately commenced the search, attracting the attention of General Grievous, who was searching for "Thunderfall's cure" in the hope of rescuing kulade from the Land of Hiatus. CivGeneral received a 5¼" floppy disk containing intelligence that led the party to Hokkaidō.

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The protagonists meet Toyoda.

Captain Tōjō informed CivGeneral that Toyoda was working on a film in Germany. The party made haste to Berlin, with Grievous not far behind. They found Toyoda at a pub and immediately bombarded him with questions.[6] Before Toyoda could explain how he acquired Thunderfall's soul, however, Grievous interrupted, kidnapping him.


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Toyoda was brought to Fort Schmerzen, where Grievous attempted to debrief him. To Grievous' growing frustration, he found Toyoda resilient to every trick he tried[7], while his captive seemed to grow ever more amused by his increasingly desperate measures.

Toyoda then spontaneously declared he would talk. He proceeded to recount the Avatar Wars and his role in it,[3] but Grievous was unconvinced he had learned how Thunderfall was saved. Toyoda responded: "I told you I would talk. Evidently, you didn't listen." This last act of defiance finally pushed Grievous over the edge, and when CivGeneral stormed the bunker, he broke Combine directives and attempted to kill Toyoda.[8] CivGeneral threw Toyoda a lightsaber and the two engaged in a duel. Although Toyoda claimed no prior experience with the weapon, he quickly established himself as a competent swordsman, ultimately besting Grievous before the impressed bystanders. Toyoda then offered Grievous a chance for a fresh start, to which he responded by committing suicide.

The Gem

Following his rescue from Fort Schmerzen, Toyoda hired CivGeneral to recover the Gem with a down payment of €200 000 000 001 (a deliberate snub to Thorvald's contract).[9] Despite providing him with a node to his private commlink, CivGeneral was unable to contact Toyoda after the mission, and had the Gem secured in Coruscant pending further development.

DYOS 10.5

With the destruction of Toyoda's Hokkaidō headquarters, communications between his forces fragmented, and in the opening of DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 his whereabouts are unknown.[10] During CivGeneral's confinement in Enclave headquarters, Dr. Breen claimed to know why Toyoda wants the Gem,[11] although refused to elaborate.

Despite the suspicious circumstances of his disappearance, Toyoda's close associates do not appear concerned that he is in any danger.[12][13] Suggestions have also been made that he has dropped off the radar to pursue his own agenda; proposed interests include infiltrating Enclave headquarters,[13][14] tracking the Gargantua, and pursuing an unclear mission regarding the Gem.[15]

When choxorn and his zombie entourage were mysteriously dumped in Space Nazi territory, Toyoda rescued them from Schäffer's headquarters[16] and they evacuated to Sweden. Toyoda explained that in the wake of the Troubles he was working behind the scenes to reconfigure the global political order, so that the world would move "in fresh harmony" once Hickten was expelled. He then departed, advising choxorn to rendez-vous with Taillesskangaru in Mexico.[17]


  • Honshū (1982)
  • Cold War (1983)
  • Flashpoint (1985)
  • Hokkaidō Reloaded (1985)
  • Of Moose and Men (1993)
  • The S.D.R.P. (1998)
  • Nineteen Ninety-Nine minus Fifteen (1999) (The unofficial sequel to Nineteen Eighty-Four)
  • The Blair Witch Genome Project (1999)
  • Doctor Zhicago (2002)
  • Pirates of the Mediterranean (2003)
  • The Leak of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
  • The Governator (2003)
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  • Me, Myself, and Iraq (2005)
  • Underground: Revolution (2006)
  • 28 Sequels Later (2007)
  • The Blair Ditch Project (2007) (Produced by Mr. Toyoda, but directed by George W. Bush)
  • The Crossing Guard with No Face (2007)
  • Grandmother’s House (Alternate title: Operation Goodie Basket ; 2008)
  • The Mootrix (2009)
  • Argenberg (2009)
  • Canuck Dawn (unknown; announced Q3 2009)



  • Controversy (2006)
  • Red Star Rising (2007)
  • Fire and Ice (2009)
  • What I Learned About Bilingualism from OC Transpo (2011)

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