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mythmonster2's current avatar

mythmonster2 was a contributor who posted every few months or so. Due to his lack of frequent activity, he nearly always had a new avatar with every other appearance. In November 2009, he announced that he was no longer likely to contribute to future threads, and released himself into the public domain.[1]

mythmonster2's big break came in DRAW Your Own Story 10 when he led a coup of Apolyton's senior staff and installed himself as supremor, declaring vendetta against CFC.[2] Not long afterward, he determined to ally with the Avatars For The World Domination.[3] He rebuilt General Grievous and dispatched him to Dune, but Grievous rebelled; the fate of that story lies unknown.[4] During the incident in the Gem Chamber, myth appeared as his then-Dwarf Fortress avatar. Not long afterward, he was killed by Wolf O'Donnell who, in a surprise twist, turned out to be the 'true' mythmonster2 who had been vacationing ever since his knockout by lord_joakim, most of the revenge story having been acted out by a string of impostors. However, he was, through technicality, still overlord of Apolyton.[5]

myth returned unofficially in DRAW Your Own Story 11 to aid in the war against the Hacker;[6] but like most of Thorvald's contributions to the story, it has been painfully slow to develop.