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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO; French: Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique Nord (OTAN)) is an intergovernmental military alliance comprising most of Western Europe. The committee still meets every Saturday for milk and cookies, but as of DRAW Your Own Story 10 the alliance itself is effectively irrelevant.

Crack in the armour

With the formation of the Eastern Union in 2006, concerns were raised as to the trustworthiness of NATO member states in Eastern Europe, specifically Norway, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. While optimists saw these nations as leverage into the heart of the East, most were worried over the notion of conflict-of-interest in the event of a European war.

The true test of NATO solidarity occurred not in the east, but in the west. The Second Napoleonic War was their least-anticipated scenario: attack from within. Conflicted as to whether they should condone or condemn the French aggression, the committee did what it does best when not bombing civilians: absolutely nothing. In their defence, withholding American involvement probably kept the war from turning even bloodier.

The Treaty of Paris effectively emasculated NATO, dividing control of Europe between the only remaining functioning armies, the Free Western Army and Eastern Union. The alliance has not disbanded, probably in the hope of reclaiming itself after the reconstruction period (one that seems to be growing ever longer).

Obligatory entry on Coruscant

Following its annexation of the United States, the Republic of Coruscant opted not to restore traditional ties to NATO, preferring instead to negotiate diplomatic agreements "from the ground up" due to lingering sentiment of being "ignored" during the Barbanian War.[citation needed]

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