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The use of tiny machines called nanites.

Early DYOS V was full of them

Nanite Missiles

Nanite Missiles allowed instant repair of a unit or building on impact.

They were controlled and used by Stylesrj who only gave them out sparingly.

These missiles though fell on the wayside and have not been seen since DYOS V


A device used in Supreme Commander to explain how entire bases can be constructed from materials provided and quickly.

It is used in many of Stylesrj's applications of nanotechnology, such as Factory Ships.

An alternative name is the Phase Disassembly Array (PDA)


A suit of Power Armour that utilises nanites to enhance the wearer's abilities. They can be set to ablative armour for defence, or they can enhance a wearer's strength or speed by injecting nanites in the bloodstream. Or the nanites can be set to deflect light around the suit, creating Thermoptic Camouflage

Nanite Distribution

While many items in the DYOS-verse use nanites in some way or another, Stylesrj claims to have most of the universe's nanotechnology under his control. Due to an incident in the past where his work was stolen by CERN and not credited, he is very unwilling to hand out new nanotech applications to people.