Nazi war on Earth

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  This article deals with current events.
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Space Nazi Earth campaign
Part of the Third Nazi War
Date31 December 2009 – present
LocationEurope, Korea
Status Ongoing
Commanders and leaders

The Nazi war on Earth refers to the land-borne operations by the Greater German Space Reich against whomever it has managed to antagonize. The campaign was devised by Feldmarschall von Horrigan under the direction of Manfred Hickten.[1] Unlike its space-based conquests, the invasion of Earth is motivated primarily by ideology rather than military strategy.

Under the Combine Grand Strategy, after the Enclave had secured control of the United States, the Space Nazis would arrive and assault the Republic of Coruscant in a two-pronged attack. This plan unravelled after Dr. Breen kidnapped CivGeneral and Co.,[2] triggering an aggressive assault by Coruscanti forces that swept across the country, nearly exterminating the Enclave before the Space Nazis had even made planetfall.

With his situation critical, Breen requested that Hickten land the invasion fleet in the American southwest to ambush the approaching armies. To Breen's indignation, Hickten instead invaded Poland, leaving the Enclave to fend for themselves.

Phase I - "Heimatland"

The very first step of Hickten's campaign called for a landing in Europe. Based on obsolete intelligence from the turn of the century,[3] the Space Nazis targeted Poland for the landing zone; as one of the easternmost NATO member states, it would have prevented encirclement as the army drove westward.

The initial landing was fraught with difficulty, as against all common sense Hickten ordered all forces to concentrate on a single deployment zone. This allowed the Eastern Union to easily confine the invasion force and pick off troops as they debarked. The stubborn general in charge of the defence, Władysław Czciborycz, locked both armies in a war of attrition that played to the Space Nazis' disadvantage, and a number of officers suggested abandoning the endeavour and attempting redeployment elsewhere. The engagement ultimately ended in Hickten's favour after the Union army withdrew under increasing pressure from its own officers.[4]

Not long afterward, Hickten ordered an assault on Germany to "reclaim our rightful homeland". Within a matter of hours, the Space Nazis reached Berlin and victory seemed assured. But a dedicated defence by the Union and Free Western Army turned Germany into a bloodbath for the invaders. Thinking the Allies were operating sporadically, Hickten failed to realize they were luring him into an even greater attrition than Poland; the Nazi-to-Allied casualty ratio is believed to be 12:1, probably higher. The severity of Nazi losses only came to light when the battle stagnated and manpower was re-evaluated.[3]

The Space Nazis were once again rescued by a third party, this time the mysterious Clone Guild,[5] who offered nigh-unconditional support against the Allies. Bolstered by reinforcements familiar with their enemies' military doctrines, the Space Nazis were able to turn the tables to their advantage. After Captain2 emerged as a sympathetic agent[6] and compromised the Free Western line along the French border, the Allied forces withdrew,[7] and Hickten gained complete control of Germany, save a handful of fortified cities in the south.

Phase II - "Lebensraum"

With their position in Germany secured and their foes in retreat, Hickten prepared for Phase II of the operation. Seizing upon the tactical advantage provided by Captain2's sneak attack on northern France, the army marched on Paris,[8] quickly conquering all territory north of the 48th Parallel. Captain2 then launched an ambitious airborne operation against Britain,[9] aiming to neutralize the Free Western command in London. The fleet was intercepted by CivGeneral and Co., who shot down all enemy aircraft.[10] Captain2 immediately launched a second wave and, in a daring manoeuvre, hijacked Spongebob's jet fighter.[11] This wave was also destroyed, this time by anti-air defences. Captain2 was also downed.[12]

Meanwhile in the East, Feldmarschall Schäffer, a favourite of Hickten, was assigned to lead the offensive into the Union.[13] Exploiting weakened defences following the attack on Germany, Schäffer was able to overrun the Czech Republic and other territories before the Union could rally a co-ordinated defence. Free Western Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery devised the Innsbruck Offensive in an attempt to relieve pressure on the Union in the Balkans;[14] while it failed to net Schäffer, the operation was successful in destroying the Space Nazis' 8th Mechanized Brigade and removing Generalmajor Ekkehard from a command role.[15][16]

Phase III - "Rache"

The final phase of the campaign and the apex of Hickten's ideological kampf is the destruction of the Republic of Coruscant or, at least, the liquidation of its Earth-bound assets. Considering its hold on Germany, Austria, and much of the East secure, the Reich began a purely aggressive campaign to systematically eliminate the Union and Free Westerners before turning on Corusant.[1]

Its success in this phase is currently minimal. The Free Western Army still stands unbroken in France and Italy, and attempts at diversion have failed. Although the Space Nazis have made incremental gains against the Eastern Union, the Eastern front has been hard-fought and the trademark implementation of scorched-earth tactics nullify what little strategic value the lands hold. While the initial landing in Korea overran the South, Coruscanti intervention obliterated the exclave and resulted in the death of CG-X.[17] A small victory came after Coruscanti forces under the command of Captain Durga were ambushed in Austria.[18] The deployment of experimental power suits was rendered a total success, and Hickten redeployed the unit to the east in the hope of swinging the battle to his favour.

As of May, the campaign had crested. With Western Allied forces landing in Normandy and troops on the Eastern front wearying, Hickten's momentum seemed to have finally worn out. The Clone Guild's withdrawal from France facilitated the Allied reconquest of Paris,[19] and the Space Nazis have been unable to break out of containment within Germany,[20][21] with the attempted reopening of the Asian front ending in abysmal failure.[22] With a steady loss of planets in the cosmic theatre,[23] the prospect of reinforcing Earth appears minimal. Analysts believe Phase III has failed in that the Space Nazis do not have the strength to carry on to a direct attack on Coruscant. Even officials who have traditionally supported Hickten's strategy have openly pressured him to produce tangible gains against the Republic[citation needed].


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