Greater German Space Reich

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Großdeutsches Raumreich
Greater German Space Empire
Space Nazi territory in black.
Note this only shows terran holdings
Official languages German
Government Fascist dictatorship
Establishment Unspecified
Currency Reichmark(?)
Drives on the the far right

The Greater German Space Reich, colloquially referred to as the Space Nazis (and referenced in DYOS 8 as the Space Nazis of Zyklon-B), is a nationalist organization of German descent perceived to be the ruling government of the planet Helgan Prime. Its current leader is Führer Manfred Hickten. Soon after the Combine-Coruscant War, the Space Nazis established themselves as antagonists, acting as the proxy muscle of the Combine in the ensuing cold war.


The Space Nazis are the descendants of the same society that harassed the fledgling Coruscantis in 1996. The First Nazi War all but destroyed their nation, and the insurgency launched two years later to reclaim their lands resulted in an exodus from Earth. The Nazis suffered many humiliating defeats in both wars at the hands of one CivGeneral, a promising young graduate from the Imperial Military Academy. The Nazis never forgive nor forget, and vow revenge against CivGeneral personally.

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The Combine, looking for a way to strike back at the Coruscantis after the Gem fiasco and the Treaty of Arrakis, found willing accomplices in the Space Nazis. The Reich was rebuilding its strength under the leadership of Manfred Hickten after its last confrontation with the Republic over a decade ago, and it too yearns for revenge. The two factions set aside any ideological differences and entered into an informal alliance. The Combine hoped to use the Nazis as a proxy with which to deal CivGeneral and the Coruscantis a crippling blow on their behalf. Meanwhile, a Nazi task force was also sent to find taillesskangaru, in relation to his connections with the Gem.

The Reich was growing increasingly belligerent in the opening of Part II, raiding shipping routes and taking control of several planets within the Galactic Federation. The Space Nazis established a commanding presence on planet Zebes, storming a Chozo temple and recovering the highly dangerous X Parasite and Metroid DNA from the site. These were shared with the Combine, who planned to use them to destroy the Republic of Coruscant.


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By the time of DYOS 11, the only remnants of the GGSR are derelict equipment and scattered Space Nazi solders who fell victim to both radiation and exposure to a mutated rabies virus after being left behind in the wake of their defeat. A small band of wayward Nazi soldiers accosted Gruekiller during his voyage to Ethiopia, but were handily destroyed. As one of their number put it, they were 'not very good Nazis'.

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