New British Empire

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New British Empire

Capital London
Languages English, etc.
Government Dictatorial Democracy
Prime Minister Phillip Grimsby
 -  Established 8 December 2010
 -  Capitulation 3 May 2011
Currency Pound sterling
Drives on the left
Today part of  United Kingdom

The New British Empire was a short-lived dictatorship under the control of Phillip Grimsby, ostensibly aligned with the Hacker in DRAW Your Own Story 11.

Neo-Imperial soldier on watch during Grimsby's post-coup victory speech. The uniform draws inspiration from East Germany.

Agent Grimsby, introduced as overseer of the FWA's mission to Thear, was later revealed to be a double agent. Following the murders of Captain Bennett and Field Marshal Montgomery, Grimsby installed himself as prime minister, declaring Spongebob and Co. enemies of the state.[1]

Despite now having a mole in FWA command, the Hacker utterly failed to realize his advantage, providing no support to Grimsby. Consequently, the Thear task force soon returned to Earth to oust him. London was put to the torch in a desperate bid to stay the liberators, and scattered offensives erupted across Europe.[2][3]

As loyalist forces pushed deeper into London, the outmatched and demoralized Neo-Imperials began surrendering en masse as their commanders retreated into makeshift bunkers in the Underground.[4] Grimsby was killed attempting to flee the city, and with the other coup leaders either captured, KIA or having committed suicide, the régime quickly collapsed.[5]