New Avatar Order

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New Avatar Order
Participant in the Avatar Wars
Unofficial sigil of the Order as of October 2007
Active2007 – 2008
IdeologyAvatar emancipation, conquest of CivFanatics
LeadersAvatar Supreme Commander
HeadquartersAntarctica, later Moscow, Russia

The alliance (kinda) of rebellious avatars under the leadership of the Avatar Supreme Commander. They are the primary antagonists of the first half of DYOS 10.

At their zenith (i.e. the beginning of the story) their influence was worldwide and nearly inescapable. As time wore on and the surviving forumers rallied, their power began to wane as the conflict evolved from regional vendetta into world-wide opposing fronts. Compounding their decline circa the Battle of Earth were the defections of Rocket, in control of the Taillenian Starfleet, and the Stylesrj Avatar Army.

Following kulade's defeat in 2008, residual factions splintered and the New Avatar Order effectively ceased to exist. While surviving avatars occasionally float the idea of renewing the Order[1], a new insurrection would have to confront a seasoned CivFanatics user base from a point of zero inertia, and is thus considered more trouble than it would be worth.

Notable members