New Communo

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That's no Death Star...
New Communo
Production information
Manufacturer Communo
Designer Mjcommie
Cost Expensive
Technical specifications
Length 600km
Width 600km
Height/depth 600km
Mass Really heavy
Maximum acceleration Slow
Maximum speed (atmosphere) Slow
Maneuverability rating It's a big honkin' space station.
Engine unit(s) Ion Engines
Hyperdrive rating Warp Drive
Hyperdrive range Long
Hyperdrive system New Communo Space Warper 9001
Power output Massive
Power plant Antimatter Reactor
Hull Tough
Sensor systems Hyperwave
Targeting systems Computer-assisted neural interface
Main computer S'jet Mjcommie
Countermeasures Lots and lots of turbolasers, mass drivers, ion cannons and tractor beams
Armament Planet-destroying Superlaser
Docking bays Thousands
Crew Millions
Role(s) Command Ship
Affiliation Communo
Constructed Many
Destroyed Several
Commander(s) Mjcommie

The New Communo is the traditional weapon of power of Mjcommie that closely resembles the Death Star, with the major difference being a Communo flag being painted on it.

There have been at least three New Communos (at once) during the various DRAW Your Own Storys, built after the destruction of the original planet Communo. As its name implies, each New Communo is governed by communist ideology, all under Mjcommie's leadership.

New Communos are the most devastating spaceship to be used in the Communo arsenal, as they pretty much have the same weapons as the Death Star and can be used as massive spacecraft carriers.

New Communos are quick to build, but only have basic amenities for the crew. Most of them also forgo thermal exhaust ports, or have them sealed off. This has led to problems where the engine can be disabled when the ship tries to move. [1]
But at least a flight of X-wings won't destroy it with a single photon torpedo.