New Port City

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New Port City
新浜市, Niihama-shi
City of New Port
Skyline of New Port City viewed from the city dump
Nickname(s): The Twin Brother of Tokyo and New York City, New England Manhattan, Western Tokyo
Country Republic of Coruscant
Established 1994 as "Knucklelopolis"
Renamed 2000 to "New Port City"
 • Type Mayor-Council
 • Mayor Unnamed
Demonym(s) New Porter
Time zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Notable citizens CivGeneral, Jill Valentine, Ayane, Motoko Kusanagi

New Port City is the capital city of the Republic of Coruscant and its largest city on Earth. It was founded in the latter half of the 20th Century and was known as Knucklelopolis prior to the 1994 Tri-City Naming Reform. During the Combine occupation, the city was unofficially dubbed City 17.

New Port is situated on Republic Island in Long Island Sound alongside the other Five Cities. It was the de facto capital of the early confederation of the city-states, and has remained the seat of the government since. New Port is noteworthy for its spaceport, the only known dedicated landing facility for interstellar spacecraft on the planet. Following the war with the Combine, the city made use of Dr. Breen's Citadel as fortified headquarters for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.


One of many metro stations in New Port City. The one pictured here is a replica of a New York City subway station.

New Port City's transportation system consists of rapid transit, bus and commuter rail networks as well as a network of freeways and highways. New Port City's massive rapid transit system is an adaptation of subway systems from New York City and Tokyo. Even though the New Port Transit Authority modeled most of their subway networks from the New York Transit Authority, New Port's subway network is commonly referred to as the Metro.

Republic Central Terminal serves as the hub of all commuter and metro networks with Kusanagi Rail providing commuter rail transportation for the greater New Port City area as well as connecting other cities in the Republic. Kusanagi Rail serves as the major rail transportation for both freight and passenger services.

Republic Bridge

The freeways and highways within the city carry traffic around New Port City. Some freeways, dubbed parkways, have strict restrictions on heavy vehicles and are found mainly in the capital section's residential areas and the suburban section of New Port.

Smaller highways and freeways serve as major arteries within the city, connecting different sections of the city. The national highway within the city is the Coruscant Autobahn. All of New Port's individual city highways and freeways make connections to the Coruscant Autobahn.

The Republic of Coruscant is the only nation in North America to call their highways, "autobahn", though some use "highway" and "autobahn" interchangeably. The highway system mirrors the interstate highways of the United States (eg. having cardinal directions). A95 serves as the main highway into the city and a beltway serving as an auxiliary highway, A395. Highways are marked in the 90s as part of a consistent numbering scheme, and partly inspired by the Republic's proximity to Interstate 95 in the eastern United States.

Kaede Tunnel Entrance

The main air and space travel takes place at New Port City International Airport and New Port City Spaceport respectfully. Located in the western edge of New Port City, they service air and space travel for the city and domestic air travel. The Spaceport was a former airship terminal for New Port City Airport until the expansion into New Port City International Airport. The old terminal was converted into the New Port City Spaceport. The Republic Air Force and Republic Naval Aviation have their bases in the Airport, and the Republic Navy SpaceOps hosts its base in Spaceport.


New Port City Citadel

New Port City Citadel viewed from Imperial Square

The New Port Citadel was once the headquarters for the occupying Combine forces on Earth until the liberation of the Republic. The citadel is located on top of the old senate building.

After the liberation of the city and the defeat of the Combine, the citadel was converted into into a defensive structure as well as headquarters of the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. Many citizens have dubbed the New Port Citadel the New Port Pentagon due to its similarity to the American Pentagon in real life. Some call it Bayonet Tower after its resemblance to the Bayonets Memorial in Zelenograd, Russia.

The Citadel is the tallest tower in the city's skyline, dwarfing the other skyscrapers within the city including the second tallest, Republic Tower. The Dark Energy core, along with a nuclear power complex in the outskirts of the city, provides the Republic of Coruscant with all of its energy needs. Due to its sensitivity to national security, public access is severely restricted; only military and government personnel and General Atomics contractors are allowed access into the Citadel.

Republic Tower

Republic Tower

The Republic Tower is a replica of the New York's Empire State Building that once held the executive and legislative branch of the government until the construction of the Republic Capital building (for the legislative branch) and the Chancellery (for the executive branch).

Like its real world counterpart, the Republic Tower is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper and was the tallest building in New Port City until the construction of the Imperial Trade Towers. After the Imperial Trade Towers' destruction in 2001, the Republic Tower enjoyed a brief, if morbid distinction as the tallest building in New Port City until the arrival of the Combine Citadel during the occupation.

The Republic Tower was once a Zeppelin mooring site and terminal before the expansion of New Port City Airport into New Port International. As with the Empire State building, the tower's role as a Zeppelin dock was impractical and dangerous due to the updrafts caused by the building itself and lack of sufficient mooring lines, and the station was moved to New Port International Airport. Currently, it serves as an observation deck as well as a television and radio broadcasting tower (along with its larger brother the New Port Citadel).


One of the oil refineries in New Port's industrial sector

New Port City serves as the main central hub of the Republic's economy, hosting a major stock exchange and numerous non-manufacturing business.

New Port City is also a host to the Republic's major industrial infrastructure and hosts major petrochemical, aerospace, and heavy industries within its city borders, chiefly in the southwestern part of the city. The northeastern section of the city is home to nuclear and electronics industries as well as a nuclear power plant complex. During the Combine Occupation, New Port's industrial sector and surrounding residential zones were subject to constant headcrab and zombie virus shelling, leading most of the sector to be quarantined after the liberation.

After discovery of the zombie vaccine, the industrial sector has seen a resurgence and has slowly brought the city's economy and that of the nation as a whole back on its feet, fostering a pharmaceutical and bio-tech industry. Legislation has explicitly banned Umbrella Corporation from operating in the city due to ethical concerns. Mr. Toyoda's Security Firm is barred from operating within city limits, the greater Republic Island and the Connecticut-Rhode Island Colony due to employees swearing an oath of fealty to Mr. Toyoda[citation needed] and frequent accusations that the firm oversteps its legal allowances.

Key industries in New Port:

  • General Atomics International
  • Nuka-Cola Corporation
  • RobCo Corporation
  • Chryslus Motors
  • Dundreary Motors
  • Albany Motors
  • Schyster Motors
  • Kuat Drive Yards
  • Black Mesa Corporation
  • Poseidon Energy
    • Poseidon Oil
  • Wattz Electronics
  • Tesla Electronics
  • Med-Tec Corporation

Behind the scenes

New Port is named after the metropolis in the Ghost in the Shell series but is otherwise original. City architecture and street life is a mixture of New York City, Washington, D.C. and Tokyo, Japan, while the rural areas closely resemble New England's small towns and farmlands. The city blueprint was laid out years prior to DYOS in SimCity.

Ground shots are taken from various maps from roleplay, NeoTokyo, Half-Life 2 / Garry's Mod, and Grand Theft Auto IV.

New Port City should not be confused with the City of Newport, Rhode Island.