New Port City Spaceport

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The New Port City Spaceport is the largest spaceport on Earth. It was first mentioned in DYOS 10 during the liberation of the city when CivGeneral, Thorvald et al. departed for Arrakis in search of Gem.[1] The Spaceport is both a hub for civilian vessels and headquarters for the Coruscanti Naval Space Ops on Earth. The Spaceport was built on an old Zeppelin mooring and hangar facility. Very little of this facility remains save a mooring mast commemorating the servicemen during the Barbanian War, which also serves as a radio tower.

As with New Port City International Airport, the Spaceport is both civil infrastructure and a military base. It is the only known spaceport dedicated to harbouring interstellar vessels: facilities can support craft as small as a corvette to as large as an Executor-class Star Destroyer. As of DRAW Your Own Story 11, it is also a space shipyard after Kuat's fall to the Second Galactic Empire.[2]