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New York is the 11th state of the USA. It borders Vermont and Massachusetts in the east, Pennsylvania to the south, and New Jersey to the Southeast, and Canada to the east and north. The current governor is David Patterson, a person who wasn't elected, and probably never will be because he's universally hated by all. So much, in fact, that his current ratings are lower than Bush's all time low. New York is one of the most urbanized states, with Albany, Kingston, Syracuse, Buffalo, Utica, and, of course, New York City itself being the most memorable cities. Omega lives in this state both in RL and in DYOS.

For a good chunk of DYOS, the state was ruled by the Republic of Coruscant. In DYOS 10.5, a small skirmish between raiders and Mr. Toyoda's Security Firm happened in Syracuse. The state became even more important in DYOS 11, where Omega started a rebellion in the Catskills, with a goal to turn the state into a country. Though lately, the rebellion has died down.