Occupation of Canada

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Occupation of Canada
In Soviet Canada, flag waves YOU!
Welcome to Canuckistan!
Date3 August 2008 – present
Status Ongoing conflict
 Eastern Union  Canada
Commanders and leaders
Eastern Union Canadian Junta Canada Captain2[1]
Casualties and losses
30 kidnapped[2][3] See above.

The Occupation of Canada is a direct result of the Invasion of Canada in DRAW Your Own Story 10. Canada became a client state of the Eastern Union[4] following the latter's victory over the former's armed forces.[5] While the government's position is one of non-aggression, Captain2 led disgruntled patriots in a resistance movement that culminated in a counter-campaign in DYOS 11.

Canadian Junta

The governing body of the Union occupational garrison consists of a ten-person junta of whom only two members have yet been named, supposedly hand-picked by Thorvald of Lym[6] for their individual qualities. The commanding general, known as "The Marshal", is determined to keep their rule as bloodless as possible,[7] and the Union's presence has generally remained non-obtrusive.


"In Soviet Canuckistan, terrorists wear toques and hockey masks!"
— Thorvald of Lym

Like most Canadians, Captain2 only gradually became aware that he was under foreign occupation.[8] He promptly began campaigning against the Union forces, training volunteers in passive aggression while he assembled an arms stockpile.[9] The resistance confined itself to small-scale acts of defiance that impeded or inconvenienced their enemy until Captain2 himself bombed the Canadian-Union Friendship Centre[10], resulting in seventeen casualties, but no deaths. The junta conceded it could not keep turning the other cheek after 29 of its personnel were kidnapped off the streets of Ottawa,[11] and sent Rudolph Krieger undercover in a rescue attempt.[12] The hostages were finally liberated after nearly a year in captivity.[13]

In DRAW Your Own Story 11, Captain2 decided to send the Union running by leading a salient into Danzig, Poland (Gdańsk, Germany).[14] When that failed, he arrived solo in Moscow and challenged the Union to send forth their greatest warrior, whom he would best in physical combat to symbolically free his homeland. He was met by Ivan Drago, who promptly defeated him.[15] Captain2 later died from his injuries; his funeral was held three days later.[16]

Following the Gdańsk debacle, direct resistance evaporated, and in an act of amelioration in 2009 the Union announced it was downsizing the Canadian garrison.[17] Though Captain2 returned later in the story, he did not resume guerilla action.

International reaction

The Republic of Coruscant was initially ambivalent toward the occupation; the invasion had occurred during the Avatar Wars, partly as a ploy to weaken Union manpower on the home front and force the Combine Empire to supplement its own soldiers.[18] When Captain2 surfaced as a Space Nazi sympathizer in Part II,[19] New Port's attitude shifted and Coruscanti armed forces provided material support for continued occupation.[citation needed]

Relation to the Gnoman Empire

The junta's involvement in the Gnoman Empire plot is currently unclear. While a scene with Peter Gradunov confirms the junta is at least cursorily aware,[20] thus far the Union has not featured in any plot-relevant episode.

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