Octavia Deaconescu

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Octavia Deaconescu
Deaconescu analyzing the Sydney hacking, DYOS 11
Born Romania
Allegiance  Romania /  Eastern Union
Service/branch Communications and Intelligence


Octavia Deaconescu is an officer of the Eastern Union military, responsible for communications integrity between the Union's various intelligence centres and special projects. She first appeared in DRAW Your Own Story 11, briefing an unidentified underling about the nature of the "Vulpine Early Warning Line", which had detected, among other entities, the emergence of Lucifer.[1] A technological adept, Deaconescu enjoys programming and hacking in her spare time.


Deaconescu theorized that the Sydney hacking was comparable to choxorn's fate in the Unexisted Dimension, and that the process was reversible. She believed the successful restoration of downtown Sydney would provide proof-of-concept for a dedicated deconstruction of the Hacker's methodology,[2] and invested her off hours into attempting such a reverse hack.

While her colleagues were sceptical, Deaconescu eventually managed to profile the attack and begin designing a response. The Hacker used adaptive algorithms that would modify themselves to confound a counter-hack, requiring ever-greater processing power to "[lock] it all down simultaneously".[3] Having exhausted the Ministry's available networks, she petitioned the government for access to an undisclosed top-secret protocol and organized IT teams across the Union in preparation for its activation.

The operation launched 14 September 2012, harnessing idle computing power from virtually every networked electronic device on the planet, successfully restoring Sydney's downtown core.[4] The counterhack also unwittingly traced back to the Hacker's neural controller, and further exploration of his network sapped his power during the duel with CivGeneral on Xen, ultimately enabling CG to defeat him.[5][6]

In the thread's dénouement, Deaconescu is finishing post-op analysis and is implied to now be capable of manipulating reality in similar ways.[7]


Deaconescu cameos in the opening montage to At Plot's End, being arrested by two figures in riot gear.[8] Her role in the main plot, if any, is currently unknown.

Fun Facts

  • Deaconescu is the second character named after someone Thorvald has met; the other is Guilhem Drouault.
  • Originally cast for a one-shot appearance, Thorvald later realized she could be further invested in the Hacker plot; this led to a choice of name for a non-Russian Union official.
  • In her conversation about netting more processing power, she says by distributing the load the impact would be akin to "everyone in Finland answering calls from loved ones". The full title of the music track accompanying the counter-hack is "Finland's Populous Answering Calls From Their Loved Ones All At Once On A Busy Day".