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Off-Topic is where DYOS used to be, before being moved to Forum Games around the time of DYOS 6. It was closed by The Hacker's attacks in DYOS XI.

Major debates within OT

The tendency of OT to somehow veer onto discussions regarding the exact location of Poland is astonishing. For the record, it's in Eastern Europe.

— Takhisis
  1. Where's Poland? Eastern? Central? or Western Europe? Or perhaps Northern Africa?
  2. God, Allah, Yahweh, other religion-related things (But mostly God)
  3. The Afterlife (Heaven & Hell)
  4. Teh Geh Mawage
  5. Obama
  6. Faux Fox News
  7. Teabaggers
  8. The Global Economic Recession
  9. Communism
  10. The Middle East - Israel, Palestine, Iraq
  11. Muslims and Gypsies
  12. Russia
  13. Problems with oral
  14. Linkin Park Random Angst Rants
  15. Climate change and t--ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!
  16. Dubya See "The Global Economic Recession" and "Iraq"
  17. Multiple Choice Polls
  18. Aimee's threads and Tom Petty
  19. Tea parties, Sarah Palin
  20. Did we mention Poland?
  21. Economics and stuff
  22. Illegal immigrants
  23. Non-American politics Haha, just kidding.
  24. Actually we do get British politics thread once in a while.
  25. Like every five years or so.
  26. Sex and pr0n and abortion and morality and all that
  27. You forgot Poland!
  28. No we didn't.
  29. Yes you did!
  30. NO U!!!!!!

Serial threads

:Note: Recently, Moderators have made it a policy to have themselves start the serial threads instead of letting the average Joe poster to curb spamming. This policy has been revised, and the threads now belong to the people again. There was much rejoicing.

  • Babe Threads
  • Anime Babe Thread
  • Cool Pictures
  • Astronomy Pictures
  • Member Photos
  • Altered Maps
  • Question-Not-Worth-Their-Own-Question-Thread
  • Random Pants Rants
  • Random Raves
  • What Music You're Listening To (also available in classical, rock and metal versions)
  • Ask a/n x threads

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Things That Should Be In OT But Are Not

Mortal Enemy


To be honest, the quality of OT has fallen so low that most of the classic posters, back from ~2005-2007 have left, or don't post frequently anymore.

OT has been reduced to the point that *anyone* can post here with the most asinine and retarded ideas, and as a result, the moderation is so intense, all the posters are wrapped in 20 layers of cotton wool and there is no right to call them out on it.

The anti-spam moderation has also gone up a hundredfold, again due to retarded posters making absolutely moronic spam threads. There was a golden era when spam here was a true art, and I know for a fact a great number of posters looked for those threads.

Why are the threads about the fossilated foetus, the "i losted my pants" and such remembered more fondly than most? Pure spam, aye, but bloody fun, and definitely conducive to the feel of the community; we have lost pillars of our community such as Mr President and stratego as a result.

In fact, and I can say this from experience, the only posting wortoh a damn in OT is Drive By Trolling; a quick insulting, but ambiguous one-liner, before you disappear forever.


The type of people which people in this thread are complaining about make nothing other than inherently annoying and obnoxious posts; the posts themselves are completely within the forum rules, so reporting them would be useless. The forum rules protect them, leaves no method of recourse for the true victims, while reducing the posting quality of the OT at the same time.