Operation Chieftain

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Operation Chieftain
Part of the Nazi war on Earth
Type Strategic offensive
Location Normandy, France
Planned June 2010
Planned by  Free Western Army
Commanded by Free Western Army Claude Auckinleck, Spongebob Squarepants, Sandy Cheeks, Patrick Star
Objective Encirclement and neutralization of Space Nazi and Clone Guild forces
Outcome Unknown

Operation Chieftain was a planned offensive on strategic townships in inland Normandy, such as Falaise and St. Lo. It was conceived based on rumours that Clone Guild general Cassius Pompey had reinforced the Space Nazis' front lines. The intention was to envelop enemy forces into a pocket, cutting their supply lines and movement, and forcing their immediate surrender. The offensive was set to begin by the end of June; no establishing comic was aired prior to the liberation of Normandy and the operation's actual outcome is unknown.