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The Protecting Online Plutocracy Act and Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Pryvacy Act,[citation needed] collectively known as POPA–SIPPA, are two controversial laws enacted by the Republic of Coruscant in 2013 in response to Hackergeddon that greatly expanded police powers regarding cybercrime. The name is a spoof of the Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act; under the auspices of copyright protection, POPA–SIPPA enables the authorities to detain practically anyone suspected of using digital infrastructure for unapproved purposes. The ensuing dictatorial abuse of police power and the reaction thereto forms the opening setting of DRAW Your Own Story 12. It was originally proposed by NinjaCow64 in 2012 during preliminary discussions of the DYOS XI succession.[1]

In Coruscant, enforcement of POPA–SIPPA is overseen chiefly by Walter Barrezz. Thatcherite Britain implicitly adopted the bills as domestic legislation under the National Loyalty Act, delegating responsibility for enforcement to the Internet Regulatory Commission.[2]

While POPA–SIPPA is domestic in scope, it is heavily implied that signatory countries will engage in diplomatic bullying to force de facto compliance in non-signatory states.[3]

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