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"Blitzkrieg! Kekekeke"

Panzer is a loanword from the German language. The term has been accepted in English as a colloquialism to refer to a main battle tank or other armoured vehicle, usually a Second World War German model. The term is rarely used outside this context, although it can refer to modern German tanks. It is occasionally used as an adjective to imply a connection to the German WWII (Nazi) military, usually in a derogatory sense.

In DRAW Your Own Story, Panzers are closely associated with Richtofen's Flying Circus. Richtofen's Panzers resemble the King Tiger design, but are robotized and thus require no crew. Panzers were also a component of Otto von Bismarck's military doctrine during the Second Napoleonic War. Remnant Napoleonic armoured forces under the command of Oberst von Cruisenburg fought the Free Western Army at the Battle of Fort Schmerzen.

Incidentally, the Panzer unit in Civilization IV is actually a Panther. (Yes, we really needed to say that.)