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The Partition of Earth was a memorable instance of DRAW Your Own Story 5 militarism, in which the entire planet was divided between the thread contributors. While this provided ample opportunity to practice geopolitics, it also fomented powergaming and its accompanying woes; this led some nations, like the Republic of Coruscant, to redirect their energy off-world due to tension with Styles Brothers.


The Partition of Earth and the conflicts that it generated have caused many newer nations that came after DYOS 5, such as the Eastern Union, to seek refuge in the international law of the United Nations, to varying success. The Republic of Coruscant distrusted the United Nations due to rampant abuse by Stylesrj during DYOS 9; it has since reneged on this position owing to the obligations of its adopted states[1], and now commits itself to using the UN to prevent a return to the partition's factional mentality[citation needed].

The Partition of Earth fomented a long-standing cold war between Coruscant and Stylesrj due to his renowned powergaming that lasted up until DRAW Your Own Story 11. During the liberation of Republic Island from the Combine Empire, many Coruscanti officials were extremely hesitant to accept military aid from him.[2][3]

So frustrating was the Partition of Earth that Motoko Kusanagi vanished from subsequent threads because of the power politic shenanigans,[4] returning in the Consul Era years later.

The event shaped Mariko Antilles's negative views and disdain for Earth, despite only being activated years after the fact. She concluded that Earth is just a backwoods world with people fighting to control it and would be a burden and a futile effort to take over for her future empire. Instead only focusing her energies off-world as to not get entangled with another Partition of Earth event, with the exception of harassing the Republic's Earth held lands.

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  1. Specifically, America's permanent seat in the Security Council
  4. Being shot in the head at the very end of the thread doesn't help either.