Nana (starship)

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The Nana
Manufacturer Kuat Drive Yards
Class Venator Star Destroyer
Modified systems Control systems
Crew Up to 15
Minimum crew 1
Passengers 20 of CG's friends
Role(s) Destroyer, Frigate,
Command Ship,
Private shuttle
Earliest sighting DYOS 10
Affiliation CGBoS.png Brotherhood of Steel
Commander(s) CivGeneral

The Nana (formerly Poker Alice) is CivGeneral's personal deep space starship that he uses in his travels. Originally, the destroyer was part of kulade's fleet during the Avatar Wars until it was commandeered by CivGeneral during his escape from kulade's Death Star. In DRAW Your Own Story 11 it was refitted as a mobile command base for S.T.A.R.S., with CivGeneral remaining captain. The seventh ship of her class, it was renamed "Nana" after one of Kaede's fallen friends.[1]

CivGeneral had the space ship heavily modified so that one person can operate the ship directly from the bridge instead of relying on a huge crew. Nearly all system functions, from the engines to defenses, are computer-automated to permit push-button operation. Even its gun systems are remotely controlled from the bridge.


The Nana can luxuriously accommodate 10 people. The ship contains 10 separate private rooms with full functioning facilities. The rooms are all connected to one large common room that serves as a living room for the passengers as well as access to the galley.

Notable passengers

As Poker Alice

As Nana