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Republic of Poland

Rzeczpospolita Polska
Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Poland
Coat of arms
Motto: "You forgot Poland!"
Location of Poland (dark green)– on the European continent (light green & dark grey)– in the European Union (light green)
Location of Poland (dark green)
– on the European continent (light green & dark grey)
– in the European Union (light green)
StatusMember state of the Eastern Union
and largest city
Official languagesPolish
GovernmentParliamentary republic
National hero(es)Lech Wałęsa
• Christianisation
• First Republic
July 1, 1569
• Second Republic
November 11, 1918
• People's Republic
December 31, 1944
• Third Republic
January 30, 1990
Major exportsNationalism, Poles, sausages
Major importsGermans, Russians,  Communism
ISO 3166 codePL

C'mon, this thread is clearly broken. Only on the thirteenth post somebody brought up Poland...

— kazapp on Civilization V[1]

This is a pre-emptive: any "discussion" or "jokes" about which part of Europe or any other continent Poland is located in will be awarded points.

Poland is a republic in Eastern Europe. Cue argument.

Where the Hell is this country??

The geographic location of Poland has been a source of intense debate, prompting a crackdown on rabble-rousers, chronic deniers and dissemination of misinformation.[3] Here is a sampling of the leading theories:

Poland is Central European

cuz it doesn't make sense otherwise. Same applies for Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bavaria and Austria.

A popular sentiment amongst Poles and some Czechs.

Poland is Eastern Europe

To this end, a CFC group dedicates itself for the resurrection of the Soviet Union in order to fix "Central European Question" once and for all via what has been termed a Final Solution. So "Workers of the World Unite" in order to drive the reactionary Eastern cum Central Europeans back into the warm embrace of the Motherland! All instances and uses of Poland are interchangeable and the same as Czech as far as the Manifesto et al are concerned.

Poland is in Western Europe

Some people think the eastern vs central europe debate on poland presents a false dichotomy, and that poland is properly classified as part of western europe.

Frequently touted by the ultra-nationalists.

Poland is in Canada

CFC's #1 trigger.

Those of you who are super-enlightened realize that Poland isn't even in Europe. It is actually located inside a barbershop in Ottawa, behind the cash register, underneath a mug filled with shaving cream.

Given that Canada is the fourth-largest target of the Polish diaspora, this is one of the more plausible hypotheses.

There is also a theory that Canada is in Poland, or at least Eastern Europe, due to putting milk in bags.

Poland is in Northern Africa

Poland is in Northern Africa (Aka Eastern Europe) there is a place in our world in which castration and polka are societal norms. this place has a substantially lower gdp and standard of living than the developed world; it is plagued with tribalism and rasism against gypsies, mooslims and even neighbors. yet somehow its nationalistic try-hard residents insist that it is culturally united with europe and the western world. unfortunately the PC brigade has convinced many into believing this place is part of europe, but this group is dedicated to the ot jerkboys who know the truth: that poland and the rest of eastern europe are simply a part of northern africa. tl;dr TROLLS BEFOH POLES

Poland Is Where It Is

Any of us who are Polish/Live In Poland/Who Want to Be In A Social Group/Drunk People who care where Poland is, but are smart enough to know Poland is where it is, and anyone else can go jump in a hole, and remember, we mean that with love.


Poor Poland, always having things happening to it.


Given its prominent pedestal in CFC academia, it was only a matter of time before Poland achieved that same preference in DYOS. It is the first target of the Space Nazi invasion in Plans Within Plans and is especially prevalent in The HAAAX:

Well-known Polish CFC posters

  • TheLastOne36
  • Squonk
  • Wyrmshadow—Born in Poland, raised in Texas. None of that "umpteenth generation descendant" garbage.
  • Domen

Less-known Polish CFC posters

CFC posters with Polish heritage

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