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Those who flunk this class will repeat it!

Back in the day, what happened in the stories stayed in the stories; while people wished the same of the dark ages, that was not the case, and indeed those threads probably impacted public opinion greater than any other. With less interesting times and a unified storyline, cause-and-effect has received a much more prominent place in DYOS. Learn these articles by heart... because now the past holds sway over the future.


Featured Historical Article

The Second Napoleonic War (2007-2008) was a pan-European conflict originating from a nationalist insurrection headed by Napoléon Bonaparte. In late 2007, Bonaparte overthrew the French government and formed the “Sixth Republic”. Shortly thereafter, he began a military campaign that brought neighbouring states under his control. When Otto von Bismarck led a similar coup in Germany, the two nations forged an alliance and began working in tandem, Napoléon’s well-trained fusiliers complemented by Bismarck’s elite armoured divisions. With major powers such as the Coruscantis distracted by the Avatar Uprising, the imperial forces quickly overran most of Europe, reaching far into the Eastern Union within months.

Turn of the tide

By 2008, the Eastern Union remained the only continental opponent to the coalition. Despite a strong military presence, its victories had been minimal. Thorvald’s doppelgängers, despite asserting themselves as supreme commanders of Union armed forces, critically mismanaged their resources, leaving nearly half the army stationed in the east as more and more land was lost to the encroaching imperial forces. While they eventually reassigned troops to the west, the winter deadlock was more a result of the weather and German supply failures than tactics.

By April, however, mass resistance emerged in the form of the Free Western Army, a loose coalition of anyone willing to fight the French, led primarily by the United Kingdom. Rallied by the partisans, Marshal Brusilov and other Union generals retook control of the military in direct defiance of the government, rapidly reorganizing the weary divisions and finally pushing back against the invaders. Overstretched and undersupplied, the imperial forces finally broke, and began a rapid retreat to friendly territory. At about the same time, the Free Western Army began a series of amphibious invasions and incursions deep into the mainland, further pressuring the Coalition. (more...)


Other remarkable Historians

Below is a list of other historical people without whom the world would not be what it is today:


Quote of the Day

“We're not so different, ya know.

I was a bad man. I'd admit it any day o' the week. But fact is, I learned from my mistakes. I tried to be a better man, ya know.
But ya know what? Of all the sins I ever commited, I never pretended I was something I weren't. I never LIED.

You pretend to be a lawman. You look people in the eye and you tell 'em that you're on the level, all while you take bribes and run errands for your little master House.

Yeah, I'm a scumbag.

But I ain't no fink, either.
Not like you, Earle.”

~ Last words of Antony Scalise

Did you know...

  • ...that Pontbridge is Stylesjl's nation in CyberNations?
  • ...that CivGeneral, CivCube, Kan' and Perfection are the only members of the old guard still contributing to DYOS?
  • ...that the Taillenian starfleet was never disbanded?
  • ...that Earth is the planet most frequently destroyed in DYOS?

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