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Come see the New World Order.

From the very beginning of the DRAW Your Own Story tradition, contributors have frequently splintered into many warring factions. From here, you can find a who's who of national leaders, sovereign states, and everyone stepped on in-between.


Featured Politics Article

Flag of Taillenia (new).svg

The Taillenian Empire (Taillenia) was a fictional Sovietesque union ruled by Taillesskangaru in the powergaming era. The empire was founded with Tailless' entry in DYOS 5, and participated in the Partition of Earth later in that thread. Taillenia effectively ceased to exist by the end DYOS 6.

Official Fact Sheet

Official Title: Taillenian Socialist Republic
Capital City: Taillenium, California, later moved to New Taillenium, Mexico, briefly moved to Moscow, Russia.
Official Languages: None
Demonym: Taillenian (Taillenist, Taillenese, Taillenistani also used)
Government: "Socialist" "Republic"
Creation: DYOS 5, to unite the lands conquered/pillaged by Taillesskangaru into something resembling a country.
Mandate: To safeguard the sovereignty of this sacred union of nations; to promote peace, ensure a decent living standard and guarantee freedom for all the... aww, what the hell. We want to conquer the world! Mwahahaha! Onwards my minions!
Base of Operations: Global, but mostly in California, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.
Political Strength: Rules a sizable portion of the world through plot holes and various plot devices.
Economic Strength: Able to afford endless cut-and-paste units.
Military Strength: Invincible military, same as everyone else.
Affiliates: Global Defence Treaty, a loose alliance of puppet like-minded nations.



Selected Biography


Napoléon Bonaparte was a French guy who fought a bunch of wars between 1799-1815. In DYOS 10, he showed up as one of the former avatars of e350tb, and fought the Second Napoleonic War to conquer the world, coming into conflict with the Eastern Union controlled by Thorvald's Doppelgangers. (more...)


Notable Political Figures

Below is a list of other politicians without whom the world would not be what it is today (probably better):


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