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DRAW Your Own Story X: The Avatar Wars, also known as DRAW Your Own Story 10 and DYOS X, is the tenth installment of DRAW Your Own Story. The main focus of the story began as a coup-d'état by forumers' retired avatars, eventually evolving into a manhunt for Mr. Toyoda, and climaxing in the search for the "Gem" on the planet Arrakis. DYOS X was the first thread to utilize the DYOS Consul, and as of August 2009 is also the longest-running of the series, at over two years without a major bout of flaming.

The saga began in DYOS X continues in the spin-off thread, DYOS X Part II: Plans Within Plans.


Despite what appeared to be a rejuvenation of the tradition, DYOS 9 ended prematurely due to a fractured plotline and persistent personal conflicts. Having been the fifth consecutive thread to self-destruct, it prompted the forumers to sit down and decide upon a plan for amelioration. The result was the DYOS Consul, the first dedicated attempt to police the thread from within. The consul thread provided a discussion board where the participants could handle conflicts outside the thread proper.

Consequently, DYOS X is the first installment to feature a comprehensive set of rules governing content and forumer interaction. While these have been tested over time, they have maintained some semblance of order in the thread. (more...)


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“I've finally managed to read through some of DYOS X. You guys are awesome. Draw Your Own Story really hasn't been better than this!”
~ CivCube on DYOS X