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The TARDIc (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Comics)(soft 'c' to conveniently allow it to be pronounced 'Tardis') is the ship of choice for Kan' Sharuminar and a large amount of CFC characters to be used at his convenience. It allows him to travel between contributors comics - and to leave - with very little interference to the overall plot, such as it may be.

Design and Systems

Being (literally) a young vessel, the TARDIc is still growing, accounting for the continuously changing design details both on the exterior and outside. Minute details of a TARDIc can easily be seen to transform between comic panels on account of this. The vessel is, quite obviously, bigger on the inside, though quite how big is unknown. It held the surviving members of the Consul during the Hostage Crisis as well as various CFC members. It can be assumed the size and number of interior rooms are also in flux.

Access to the TARDIc is only granted to those with the proper key, otherwise it can be considered totally inaccessible. (more...)


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