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The Post-DYOS 5 Era (also known as the "Dark Ages") typically refers to the threads DYOS 5 to DYOS 9, roughly corresponding to the years 2006 - 2007. While these threads were quite active and at times entertaining, which made them a bit more memorable than the deleted DYOS 2 and the very short DYOS 3 and DYOS 4, they were marred by rampant powergaming and flaming, especially between Stylesrj and older contributors. DYOSes 5 - 8 were closed by the mods following increasingly hostile exchanges between the contributors. At the end of DYOS 9, the contributors agreed to a new sets of rules and to settle future differences at a DYOS Consul, and the thread was closed to make way for DYOS 10.

Due to the flaming and powergaming in DYOS from DYOS 5 onwards many older contributors lost interest in DYOS. By DYOS 10, CivGeneral was the only one from before DYOS 5 that still regularly contributed, with Judge_Deadd and Kan' Sharuminar making rare appearances. On the other hand, this period saw the emergence of newer contributors such as the Styles brothers, Thorvald of Lym, taillesskangaru, choxorn, kill fire, Captain2, kulade and others.

In 2006 the entire DYOS series was moved by the mods from Off-Topic into Forum Games. Like the threads of the Pre-DYOS 5 Era, DYOS 5 -9 were lost during the CFC server move.


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