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First thing you need to do is relax your muscles. Let the suit do the work

-Samus Aran giving power armor training to CivGeneral[1]

Powered exoskeleton, Power Armor or Power Armour (see spelling differences), and Power Suit are powered mobile machine consisting primarily of an exoskeleton-like framework worn by a person and a power supply that supplies at least part of the activation-energy for limb movement. In standard vocabulary, Power Armor, Power Suit, and Powered exoskeleton are used interchangeably. This article describes the various powered armored suits used within the DYOS universe.

The only known users of powered exoskeletons are the Republic of Coruscant, the Enclave, the Space Nazis, Stylesrj's Space Marines and various individuals. Some powered armored suits have extra appendages like the Type 303 and some have a weapon built in like Samus Aran's Power Suits.

X10 Power Suit

Example of the X10

After the Wustman War, The Republic of Coruscant decided to make serious research into power suits came into light. However, unlike the other advanced suits and armor that came after it. The X10 is bulky with very limited movement. Consisting of hydrolics, the suit was mearly designed to aid soldiers in carrying heavy weapons such as a minigun. As well as operations in irradiated zones.

Some military divisions have jury rigged armored plates on strategic points on the suit to give better protection to the user. The modified version of the X10 are commonly seen amongst front line troops wielding heavy weapons and engineers. The Civilian model was marketed to the manufacturing base and construction.

Originally the X10 was to be taken off prototype specifications and be given the name T-10 Powered Suit. Hense the "X" in the name to indicate that it's a prototype. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Coruscant have largely replaced these power suits with the more advanced T-45ds and T-51bs. The X10s are still used in the private sector as well as private individuals who are eater rich or lucky enough to acquire one.

During the Combine-Coruscant War many Coruscanti Troops who were underground made attempts to armorize the X10 to better protect themselves against the better armed Combine Overwatch and there synths. However the idea became obsolete the moment the T-45d came off the assembly line.

Varia Suit

Perhaps the pinnacle of Chozo power armor technology, perhaps exciding and rivilng thoes used by the Space Nazis, Enclave, and the Republic of Coruscant[2]

The exodic materials used protects the user from balistic and direct-energy weapon damage also protects the user from extreme temperatures. In terms of heat resistance, It's vastly superior to the Enclave Hellfire Power Armor. This is the only suit fitted with an arm cannon. While most armored suits are designed to have two free hands. Some can be adapted to have the arm canon as an addon or jury rigged onto a gatling laser base.

Samus Aran during the course of the DYOS series lost her power suit during the events of The Gem Chamber where it went to the hands of the Combine. The whereabout of her suit is unknown and could be in possetion of eather the Enclave or the Space Nazis, till she finds her original suit, she makes due with the Tesla Power armor modified to Republic of Coruscant standards.

Some parts of the Varia Suit, particularly it's temperature protection technologies has been reversed engineered by the Republic and ported into there Hellfire Powered Armor


Perhaps the most common power armor widely used within the Coruscanti Army. Basing off the systems from the Jury Rigged X10 as well as joint operations by Megatechs, Kuat Systems, and West Tek.

Considered superior compared to the X10. Even the Jury Rigged armor plated X10 could not stand up to the punishment that the T-45d can endure. The T-45d was designed in the aftermath of the Combine Occupation to provide an extra kick to counter the Combine Empire's Combine Overwatch troops and Synth.

Type 120

The Type 120 is the Space Nazis copy of the T-45d. How the Space Nazis aquire the suit can only be explaned by eather the Combine giving the Space Nazis a derelict T-45d from a fallen Coruscanti soldier on Arrakis or the Enclave gave them a copy of the suit to build the Type 120 off of.

The main difference with the Type 120 in comparison to the T-45d is that it is powered by a Messerschmitt B-55 Fusion packs and the hydraulic systems are manufactured by a joint efforts by Messerschmitt and Focke-Wulf. However, the armor itself is identical to the Coruscanti version. Since the Space Nazis already have there own power armor design, the Type 303. However the limitations of the Type 303 forced the Space Nazis to look for a man-sized alternatives where the Type 303 cannot enter.

The response from the Armed Forces of the Republic of Coruscant of the Type 120 is a development of a more advanced power armor and proliferation of anti-tank rifles to select units.

Stylesrj's Tribal T-45d

Stylesrj has been reported to posess a derelict T-45d during his adventures.


With the increase of power suit proliferating nations such as the Space Nazis and the Enclave prompted the Armed Forces of the Republic of Coruscant to make a better design to replace the T-45ds and it's copied variant the Type 120. Megatech and West Tek took influences of Samus Aran's original power suit for inspiration abet without the arm canon. However, Megatech could not replicate the technologies the Chozo used for Samus's suit.

The armor is fitted with a back-mounted TX-28 MicroFusion Pack which generates an output power of 60,000 Watts to power the HiFlo hydraulic systems built into the frame of the suit. Made of a poly-laminate composite, the outer shell of the T-51b is lightweight and capable of absorbing over 2500 Joules of kinetic impact. The 10-micron-thick silver ablative coating can reflect laser and other radiation emissions without damage to the composite subsurface. The armor usually carries enough fuel to last for one hundred years[3]

The significant improvement over the T-45ds and the X10 is greater mobility[4]. The Coruscanti Brass hopes to have the suits to be distributed at the conclusion of the Battle of the Bulge along with a copied variant of the Enclave Tesla Power Armor that were taken in as war prises during the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Washington D.C..

CivGeneral's T-51b Armor

Sometime between the Battle of Britain and the Invasion of Normandy, CivGeneral was given a custom built T-51b. It bears his coat of arms on the chest panel and an ace of spades on the helmet.

Advanced Power Armor

Coruscant Code Name: Classic

The initial version of the Advanced Power Armor

Initially called the Classic Advanced Power Armor to differentiate the newer variants of the Adv. Power Armor. Unlike the power armors that were constructed by the Republic of Coruscant that were constructed using metal and ceramic plates, the Advanced Power Armor are constructed using a wide variety of ceramics and composite materials. Despite it's old design, it's still widely used in the Enclave's armed forces as well as passed onto the Space Nazis for there development of another all ceramic and composite power armor, the Type 303. The Power Armor came in two variants. Original and heavy variants.

Individual in a Enclave Classic Power Armor giving a thumbs up in Gmod, Heavy Varant

The heavy variant are the common variant of the Enclave power armor while the original variants have been deemed rare. The heaver variant differs from it's older brother by having more armor on the legs and chest areas as well as a more gradual sloped shoulder pads. Along with a lack of a ventilation fan in the back due to greater improvements to it's power plant. In recent years, The Republic has started to phase in the Classic Heavy Advanced Power Armor, along with the Mk IIs, after it's acquisition of the Enclave during the Third Nazi War.

For a strange reason, the helmets closely resembles General Grievous.

Advanced Power Armor Mk II

Coruscant Code Name: Cadillac Samurai Armor

File:FileFo3 APA Enclave.png
Example of the APA MkII

The upgraded version of it's older brother with mostly design changes for better movement and greater flexability. The Coruscantis typically call these sets of power armors "Cadillac Samurai Armor" due because of the tailfins on the helmet which gives it a samural-like appearance. Even though the armor is used in the Enclave armed forces, it is much sought out after by many Coruscantis not only for it's appearance as a futuristic samurai armor, but also for it's technological properties as well.

The captured Advanced Power Armor Mk IIs that are used by the Republic of Coruscant have been heavily modified to have it stand out apart from it's Enclave counterpart. The tailfins on the helmet itself have been fitted with communications attends, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The distinct Republic emblem are spray painted on the chest panel as well as on the shoulder boards.

It's not to common to see Coruscanti troops taking an Enclave Power Armor from a fallen Enclave Solder then wearing it. However, many field captured Enclave Power Armors have the Republic emblem edged into the chest panel to indicate that they are friendly and not a hostile Enclave soldier.

Enclave Officer's Armor

Coruscant Code Name: Cadillac Shogun Armor

Major Kusanagi showing off the Enclave Officer's Armor. Even Cyborgs need a little extra protection

There's no key difference between the Advanced Power Armor Mk IIs other than indicators that the user is of an officer rank. The Coruscantis have termed these Enclave Power Armor variants "Cadillac Shogun Armor" in homage to the Shoguns of Japan. Normally enlisted personnel of the Republic of Coruscant would gift these power armors to there commanding officers. Though in some cases, the officer indicaters are panted over if the enlisted personel wishes to wear them or if the officer gives the armor variant to the enlisted ranks.

Tesla Power Armor

Coruscant Code Name: Electro Cadillac Samurai Armor

File:FileFO3 Tesla Power Armor.png
Example of the Tesla Power Armor

These power armors are bascily an Advanced Power Armor Mk II with jury rigged power equipment to generate a shield of electricity around the user's body. Much like many armored variants of the X10 that had armor plating jury rigged to it's base.

Theory suggests that the shield of electricity generates protection from any kind of directional-energy weapons as well as greater radiation resistance by repelling any beta and alpha particles away from the user. Dispite it's advanced design, these suits are rare to come by and only the luckyest of Coruscanti troops are bound to run into them due to the fact that the Enclave only distributes these suits in limited numbers.

As with it's unmodified variant, It is also modified to contain advanced communications though with a more harden circuitry due to the nature of the electric shield and the risk of generating EMPs. By the end of the Third Nazi War, these suits, along with the T-51s and T45s, have become the common aparel of power armors in the Republic of Coruscant's arsenal

CivGeneral's Tesla Power Armor

CivGeneral in a duel against Hickten while wearing his Tesla Power Armor

Originaly, CivGeneral's Tesla Power Armor was a standard issue Enclave Tesla Power Armor that he acquired after escaping his prison cell along with his friends. After his battle with the SAX and CGX, his power armor was then modified by Samus Aran herself to give it similar performance as her Varia Suit. At the suggestion of the field officers, Samus also painted an Ace of Spades decal on the helmet and a lambda logo on the front chest panel.

Enclave Hellfire Armor

Coruscant Code Name: Pyro Power Armor, unofficially Piggy Power Armor

File:FileFo3BS Hellfire Power Armour.png
Example of the Hellfire Power Armor

Not widely seen, however it is rumored that this power armor contains more heat resistant materials within it to make it suable for flamethrower units of the Enclave. However they are quite rare[5].

Many Coruscantis jokingly call he Hellfire Armor suits "Piggy Power Armor" due to the appearance of it's helmet resembling a boar or a pig. Offically, they are coded "Pyro Power Armor" due to the fact that they are most commonly seen with pyro units within the Enclave army. In comparison to the enemy power armors slated for capture, this one yields the most Republic Dataries second to only the Type 303.

Type 303 Armsuit

Coruscant Code Name: Goro, unoffically Power Armor Behemoth

Example of the Type 303

With the combine help of the Enclave engineers and the Combine Empire to provide the Space Nazis a power armor unit of there own to combat against the Republic of Coruscant's own powered armors. The power armor consist of two main arms and two slave arms and generally wield a Mauser Type 460 Assault Gun. The Space Nazis typically use the Type 303 for mechanized infantry assaults along with the HAW-206 Tank Walker. The materials used in constructing the armor for this behemoth consist of light weight plastics, ceramics, and other composite materials. The only traces of metal in the suit are electronic components and a layer of lead for radiation protection, as well as servos and hydrolics.

As with the Enclave Power Armors, the Republic of Coruscant places high value of the capture and aquisition of the Type 303 Armsuit.


Size comparison of the Type 303 with Major Kusanagi and a T-51b

While the majority of powered armors tend to be human sized. The Space Nazis decided to have theres a bit more larger. However, due to it's size. It can only be used in the open field and can only enter in limited entrances without modifications of a building's structure. To compensate, The Type 120s are normally used where the Type 303 cannot go. Most Type 303 users are also users of the Type 120.

As described by Manfred Hickten, the "Type 303 will be the pinical of power armor development ever! Even more superior than the puny T-45ds the Republic of Coruscant have been throwing at us!"

Code Name

The Coruscantis gave it the code name "Goro" after the Mortal Kombat antagonist who posessed four arms. However, some soldiers also call them Power Armored Behemoths. Its not to common for Coruscanti soldiers to scream out "Behemoth!!" when a Type 303 is spotted coming at there direction.

Adeptus Astartes Armour

The suit is comprised of multiple custom crafted ceramite plates with armored fiber bundles and servos that replicate the wearer's movements and enhances strength, as well as allowing them to easily withstand brutal attacks that would rip a normal human apart. The armor itself can also act as a self-containing environment for the suit's owner, protecting the space marine from anything including the darkness of deep space and the most toxic environments the universe can provide. Provided the wearer has their helmet on...

Stylesrj used to wear one of these suits when on missions or around the base. While not genetically enhanced like an actual Space Marine, it still provides him with superhuman abilities as long as he is wearing it. Although it still won't move a vending machine...

The shoulders may appear to be an issue in design, but if needed, they can retracted for added line-of-sight on the sides.

Katarn-class Power Armor

Utalizing the technological advancements that were gathered from Samus's Varia Suit that is the pinical of Chozo power armor technology. The Republic developed a less bulky yet more agile and powerful power armor. Thanks inpart to it's advanced servos and composets that are made within the construction of the power armor itself that closely resembles the Spartan Power armor used in the Halo series, though the helmets more look closer to the Corinthian helmet of ancient Greece (As well as looking like Maldorian and clone trooper helmets)

Scematics of the Katarn-class power armor

The armor itself is named after a predatory animal from Kashyyyk.

Archaean Power Armor

Gruekiller in his distinctive suit of power armor, katana drawn.

The adventurer Gruekiller once had a suit of power armor, which closely resembled that of a Japanese samurai. Although for a long time its origins were obscure, Gruekiller eventually revealed that the suit of armor was in fact the last remaining suit of Archaean power armor in the universe. Once the backbone of the military of that ancient empire, it was said that with the power of hundreds or thousands of these suits, the Archaean Empire lasted a billion years. Nonetheless, it eventually did fall, and all the suits but one were destroyed. The suit which eventually came into Gruekiller's possession fell to ground in feudal Japan in the 14th Century, where it took on its current appearance. After causing chaos across the world, it eventually disappeared, until it was discovered in the Transatlasian desert by Bowie in the 20th Century. Fearful of its power being in Bowie's hands, Gruekiller, then his pupil, stole the suit, and Bowie fixated himself on reclaiming it from his wayward student. Despite fleeing across half the galaxy, Gruekiller ultimately could not escape Bowie, who ran him through and took the armor back.

The armor, though outwardly resembling an antique set of samurai armor, is a highly advanced piece of machinery. The suit of armor itself is 'projected' from the helmet by some unknown device, as well as a katana, AK-47 assault rifle, and jetpack. The armor is shown to have life support systems sufficient to allow its wearer to survive in space for extended periods, and is largely impervious to most blades and bullets. According to a mailbag segment, it also once possessed automatic security systems, but Gruekiller disabled them.

Gruekiller believed there was "something evil" dwelling inside the suit, and blamed the armor for influencing his greedy and manipulative behavior towards the Avalonians, a fact which Bowie himself soon confirmed.

Behind the Scenes

  • The X10 are dubed Powered Exo Suit in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
  • The Type 303 Armsuit is from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It's code name is from Goro in the Mortal Kombat Series
  • T-45d, T-51b, and Enclave Power Armors are from Fallout 3. The Type 120 Power Armor is a retextured variant of the Outcast's T-45d.
  • The Garry's Mod ports of the T-51b, T-45d, Classic Enclave Power Armor, and the Tesla Armor have unusual rigging to it's ragdolls which makes it a challenge to properly pose them due because they were ported with Counter Strike: Source ragdoll rigging.
  • The reference of Coruscanti soldiers taking and wearing Enclave Power Armor from a fallen Enclave soldier is from stories from the Vietnam War of U.S. Soldiers taking AK-47s off from fallen Vietcong and North Vietnamese soldiers and using them instead of the M-16 due to the M-16's reputation at the time of having poor reliability in the jungles.
  • The Modded Enclave Power Armor in appearance looks different from it's vanilla counterpart as parts from the T-51b and the Sentry Bot are seen on the armor itself as well as scooter equiptment mounted on the helmet. The Modded Hellfire Armor loses it's distinct piggy look and adds on the two tailfins on the helmet. There are no Enclave Officer's Armor in the vanilla, it only appears via a mod. The mod inquestion that changes the apperance of Enclave Armors and uniforms is the COL Enclave Replacer

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  1. Statement is also in homage to Paladin Gunny giving power armor training in Fallout 3
  2. The Republic of Coruscant is in the process of reverse engineering the power suits of the Chozo for use in there own power armored suits. Though they are hard to come by after the Space Nazi invasion of Zebes
  3. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/T-51b_Power_Armor#design
  4. Though the Garry's Mod port is a pain to pose due to the ragdoll's rigging
  5. Have yet to be seen in the DYOS, but due to the nature of the spawning mechanics of Fallout 3, this power armor is included