Pre-DYOS 5 Era

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'The Pre-DYOS 5 Era', as DYOS historians call it, were a collection of "classic" DYOS threads that featured free for all comic jams (with some rule sets in place after DYOS 1 to keep things cohesive). The Pre-DYOS 5 Era is noted for not seeing any major issues (powergaming, flaming), although the stories themselves were rarely cohesive. 'Draw Your Own Story I' is the longest thread from this era, the other threads meeting untimely ends due to lack of interest/activity and closure by the mods (notably DYOS 2).

Sadly, due to the server move of CFC, all records previous to DYOS 10 are lost to history. The only remnants are memories and a few scraps of comics if anyone is lucky enough to stumble upon them in the old CFC upload database.

DRAW Your Own Stories of the Pre-DYOS 5 Era

Preceded by
The Written Word
Pre-DYOS 5 Era
ca. 2003–2005?
Succeeded by
Dark Ages