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Project Titan is a device that appears in DRAW Your Own Story 11 as a countermeasure against the Hacker. No one really knows what it actually is, or what it looks like. This is because very little information has been given on it, in order to keep it a secret until it's revealed in proper.

Early History

According to historical documents, Project Titan was created back in DYOS 1 to combat the rampant powergaming that was taking place. It was approaching the testing stages when the thread was locked and the scientists in charge dispersed and were never found again.


During the events of DYOS 5, a new group of scientists uncovered Project Titan and went about getting it to work in order to liberate the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel from the cast of DYOS. There was only a slight complication in getting the project powered up properly, to which they hired Ryoko Asakura to help solve.

Again, DYOS 5 had ended before tests could be completed and Project Titan was abandoned for several more years.

Late Discovery

In DYOS X.V, Rhiza Kalanin managed to find some information about the project and was captured by the Enclave shortly after the raid. She only got four symbols from the database before the connection was cut off.

She used these symbols as a starting point to find out more information on the Project. As it turned out, the symbols were actually a Stargate address and required the use of space travel to reach. But this was only discovered later in DYOS XI.

As it turned out, documents indicated that Dr. Gustaf Brackman had been working on Project Titan during DYOS 1 and was presumed dead after it was abandoned. This meant that Dostya had knowledge of where the project is located.

Battle for Project Titan

Project Titan was put into several crates and packed away onto a dropship for relocation when it was abandoned. When it was rediscovered, a whole group of people from different factions jumped on the claim. Dostya's team almost took it away and then was "destroyed" by the Iranians.

In the end though, it was Talon Company who secured the project once everyone had left, thinking it destroyed.


Project Titan was assembled and implanted into Tama Shepard. Now she has the power of the Project and thus the ability to counter powergaming... if only she knew how...

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