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Psychic powers are a special ability that is seemingly found in people, but only if they expand their mind's potential. Or if they're bombarded with radiation from exploding spaceships. Or if they get little bacteria in your bloodstream. Or they're the survivor of some kind of research project and they're left unloved and unwanted because of their appearance and the scientists involved were stupid enough to give them psychic abilities thinking they could control them for their own gains, not even thinking about whether or not the person would use them against them and go on a rampage, with the only way to stop it being a nice big hug and kind words.

Psychic powers are also known as Biotics, Vectors, Psionics, The Force and who knows what else...

There are many different fields of psychic powers, but let's just keep it to three basic categories. In this editor's opinion, having a character doing more than one category is overpowered and should be avoided or kept to a minimum.

Mind over Matter

The ability to manipulate reality, i.e. telekinesis. Usually involves lifting up heavy stuff and crushing them while making wild gestures.

Major Users

Mind over Mind

The ability to do stuff like telepathy, reading minds and mind control (both total and alteration)

Major Users


The ability to see into the future and predict stuff. Could be prophecies of things to come, or just being able to predict an outcome or movement pattern and plan accordingly.

Major Users

Other notes

Not to be confused with hackers.