Qara Avethokastar

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Qara Avethokastar
She hopes you like being on fire
No. appearances Many times
Species Half-elf, half-human
Gender Female
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Address Rose Gold Empire


  • Performer
  • Narrator
Family Ruthkat Alathkastar (mother), Martha Shepard (half-sister)
Religion Silverstar

Hope you like being on fire!

—Catch phrase

Qara is certainly a witch with a capital B

A character made by Stylesrj when roleplaying on Galava

Qara is a half-human, half-desert elf sorceress who likes to set things on fire or freeze things. Her innate ability to cast fire gave her an immunity to high temperatures, and made her body temperature twice the amount of a normal human's. This left her more susceptible to the cold though. Qara could also swim in a volcano if she wanted to without burning.

In DYOS, Qara has a hot-tempered personality, but also is seen to be very well-versed in the ways of the world, despite not having any study of it. She also likes to get drunk whenever the situation suits her, which can be a problem if her friends are trying to fight for their lives. She also has a softer side towards family, children and fairies. Especially fairies.

Galava History

Note: This section deals with background information that may or may not be relevant to DYOS

Qara was created somewhat in the middle of Galava's life. She had been abandoned by her parents as a child, raised by several different a desert elf families (as they couldn't handle her) and then sent to an academy at Lightsbridge, only to be expelled a few years later as Qara lacked the patience for wizards and no one realised her full potential.

Later on, she saw that she was the long-lost daughter of a baroness named Ruthkat Alathkastar. Ruthkat however was only a master sorceress in fire. She and Qara briefly met while on a quest and they didn't get to know each other very well. Ruthkat told Qara that she never abandoned her daughter. She and her second husband (who was a desert elf) were on a trading expedition when it got ambushed. She left the baby Qara in nearby shrubs in order to help defend the caravan and after the ambush, couldn't find her. Thinking Qara was dead or kidnapped, she forced herself to move on. Ruthkat later sacrificed her life to stop an evil wizard from destroying the world and Qara regretted never knowing or trusting her mother in the brief time they were together.

Later on though, Ruthkat had come back from the dead and while Qara didn't know her at first, soon found out and reconnected with her family.

DYOS History

Qara first appeared in DYOS as part of a large narration crew in DYOS XI, two years after the Galava site had been deleted. She tolerated everyone in the crew an extent, but had issues with Cara Rift and notably, Gnowel Lawgiver.

During the Time Travel Crisis, Qara sent herself into normal space and with Martha Shepard, travelled back in time to the year 2003 to help CivGeneral and Ayane resolve the timeline. However, she spent most of her time getting drunk and not actually doing much in the way of helping out Martha. After the destruction of the DYOS book, Qara followed Martha and the others around and even attended the prom (spiking the punch with distilled grapes) before ineffectually assisting Nozomi in stopping Edward Richtofen.

Afterwards, she opted to stay back in time to find a time machine that would go into the past in order to help Martha find out who her parents were, in a rare act of kindness.

When Dr. Emmett Brown wouldn't hand over a time machine, Qara and Martha were sent back with assistance from the G-Man. They arrived 600 years in the past, on Galava in the Rose Gold Empire, which was formed sometime after Ruthkat's rise back into power. It was soon found out that Qara and Martha were half-sisters, both having stories of separation and loss to share.

After somehow arriving at the present day, Qara now assists the Blood Gulch Mercenaries Alpha-Niner Team. While distrusted by both Tama Shepard and Rhiza Kalanin, she has earned Stylesrj's trust right off the bat and has had no remarkable change in personality, still being an arrogant sorceress.


Qara isn't especially powerful in her magic, but she could pack a punch with her use of fire, ice and wind. Her magical abilities were supplemented by basic skills in using a spear, fighting experience from frequent tavern brawls (it was too hectic to throw spells), and even basic marksmanship with an arquebus firearm.

She also has a high alcohol tolerance which could rival a dwarf... a dwarf who couldn't hold their liquor very well...

Behind the scenes

Qara is based off mostly from the Qara in Neverwinter Nights 2, with a harsh temper and tendency not to care about others when casting, but eventually grew into her own unique character. Plus that she's much prettier than the one from the game. Some people on Galava couldn't get over that fact.

Qara's last name stands for "desert block"

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