Quiet October

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Quiet October
Part of DRAW Your Own Story 6
Date October 22, 2006
Location Russia
Result Victory for Kingdom of Lym;
Eastern Union founded
 Kingdom of Lym
Commanders and leaders
 Thorvald of Lym Russia Vladimir Putin

Operation Petliura[1], commonly known as Quiet October (October 22, 2006) was a bloodless coup-d'état spearheaded by Thorvald of Lym that founded the Eastern Union.


Following the disastrous Battle of Aberdeen, Thorvald and the Golden Fleet set sail for Ukraine in an attempt to broker an alliance with the Kyivan Rus' before CivGeneral retaliated. While the situation was defused, the fleet continued on, making port in Kyiv in time for Easter.

But what's this? Lowly industrial folk who have but a lunch break to rest from their toil? Pray tell me, good men, why you cast your eyes down low!

Sympathetic to the plight of tank manufacturers (and smelling opportunity), Thorvald began planning a military invasion of Russia. He severed trade between Ukraine and Russia, hoarding military equipment under the cover of material shortages, until he had assembled an adequate strike force which he unleashed against an unprepared enemy.

Day of destiny

Armoured divisions launched a blitzkrieg campaign against major Russian urban centres. The Russian government, attempting to defuse a treacherous political incident, was paralyzed, and managed not to give the order for retaliation. Consequently, no shots were fired and no units mobilized, allowing the Ukrainians to quickly capture Moscow.

A victorious Thorvald announced the same day his dream of a united Eastern Europe. A combination of sheer military prowess and lots of money convinced neighbouring states to enter into the federation that became the Eastern Union.

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