Raiders (Fallout)

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"Sounds like a redneck rally... OR WORSE..."
"I hate raiders."

Raiders are lawless individuals banded together in loose clans spread across the United States in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. They operate on a survivalist, "might makes right" philosophy, taking what they want by force, frequently to the detriment of civilian populations. Colonel Sadao explained to CivGeneral that they emerged from the wave of urban destruction as the desperate and destitute, exploiting the sudden collapse of authority to literally write their own rules.

Procedural response

Until the emergence of the Enclave, Mr. Toyoda's personnel were one of the few remaining vestiges of centralized authority, and quickly assumed protective duties where the local governments had fallen. As Sadao told CivGeneral, Civil Protection teams do not hesitate to use lethal force in repelling raiders.[1]

Although the Enclave promoted itself as the only reliable authority remaining on the continental United States, it appeared disinterested in curbing the raiders in any meaningful way. Enclave personnel worked to secure their installations against harassment, but regions lying outside strategic priority were left to their own devices.

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