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Rhiza Kalanin
Rhiza Kalanin as of late DYOS XI
First appearance Draw Your Own Story Eleven (Chronologically, DYOS X.V)
No. appearances Several times
Nickname(s) Rhiza
Aliases The Purple-Haired Menace (Enclave)
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Unknown
Age Young
Address Comet Observatory


  • Scientist
  • Adventurer
  • Energy Weapons Specialist
Spouse(s) Stylesrj
Relatives Georgie Kalanin (brother)
Starsign Sol
Religion Atheist
Nationality Russian

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this universe!?

—Rhiza in a typical DYOS situation

Rhiza Kalanin is a member of the renowned Kalanin family of diplomats and the sister of Georgie, and the long-neglected wife of Stylesrj.

Early History

Rhiza the Scientist

Coincidentally, Rhiza went to the same high school as Stylesrj where they both were just good friends. She was also top member of the science club.

She was seen in a either a labcoat or a long blue dress, with a pair of glasses without any corrective frames due to having good eyesight.

She worked with Alexis Alexander and Stylesrj in many experiments throughout high school.

One day, CERN stole one of their science experiments and took credit for it. She assisted Stylesrj in his plans for revenge by formulating up a special paint for him to use in his painting job and by suggesting a plan on the best way to spread the paint.

She graduated high school with great honours and moved on to university courses, to which she developed her science skills further.

Love & Marriage

It can assumed some time after university and when Stylesrj got discharged from X-COM, they met again and fell in love and got married.

The Search Begins

Rhiza Kalanin lost Stylesrj when he left her behind in the house as he pursued Stylesjl in the Great Ice Cream Debacle of DYOS V, forgetting all about her.

She assumed her husband was kidnapped and started up a search to find him. The police could not find where he went and Rhiza was upset for several months. When Stylesrj took over France, Rhiza decided to stop her moping about the house and become an adventurer. Armed only with a 10mm pistol, she sought out her brother, who claimed he had no idea where Stylesrj was.

During one particular part of her search, she came across an Enclave Shopping List (Eggs; Flour; Forced Evolutionary Virus) as well as an officer's hat, both of which she took.

Plans within Plans

Rhiza Kalanin became more prominent during the events of DYOS X.V, having become a menace to the Enclave. Using mercenaries from Talon Company, Rhiza raided an Enclave camp and acquired information on one of their secret projects, Project Titan. Knowing that the raid wouldn't go unnoticed, Rhiza attempted to hide in a distant tavern to avoid scrutiny. Grainy camera footage from a security camera at the camp confirmed her implication, and Rhiza was put into the crosshairs of a sniper and tranquillised.

She was last seen being interrogated in the Raven Rock Enclave base somewhere outside Washington, D.C. with plans of being shipped out to the main base for the X Parasite project.

She had sent out a warning to Talon Company, but they were unable to act as the facility was destroyed by a Coruscanti carpet bombing.

Escape from Raven Rock

Regardless of her predicament, Rhiza was unable to be shipped out when Marsha Conrad infiltrated the area and assassinated their commander and ordered a carpet bombing of the area.

When the base was destroyed, Rhiza was left underground for several days until she could escape. She also rescued another prisoner; a man who she claimed looked like her father.

This reunion did not last long however when Rhiza realised that her father did not sound like Liam Neelson (the voice actor for the father in Fallout 3) and pointed out that the man was in fact an assassin; he ran away quickly.

It was around this time she started putting on the Talon Company colours and performing high-risk, low body-count missions.


It can be assumed that Rhiza eventually finished her plotline in Plans within Plans and then moved on to DYOS XI.

The HAAAAX Crisis!


We're married Stylesrj! I'm your wife!

— Rhiza Kalanin

Because of Stylesrj's constant change in appearance, it took her a while to finally track him down. She managed to find him in DYOS XI and established contact anonymously, enticing him with a secret which she claimed to be the key to stopping the HAAAX!

When Stylesrj arrived, she was wearing the Enclave hat she found and was nearly shot by his Alien Blaster (which never appeared again). After removing the hat, she was then mistaken for Major Kusanagi due to her purple hair. But after a sudden revelation, complete with a record needle scratch and a flashback, Stylesrj remembered who Rhiza was.

Before Rhiza could reveal her claims on the HAAAX!, a Deathclaw attacked the area and she and Stylesrj had to flee. They both retreated to Stylesrj's Secret Base where they hoped to plan their next moves.

Battle of the SGC

You're using a highly valuable and powerful transportation device... TO PICK UP BEER!?

—Rhiza Kalanin

After several arrivals of various supplies from other worlds, the Stargate was activated by the Hacker and Enclave soldiers and Deathclaws were transported into the base. It was mostly a one-sided battle with many Enclave soldiers attempting to eliminate both Stylesrj and Rhiza (the Space Marines were elsewhere) but failing to accomplish anything but death.

A second wave was being sent through, until Rhiza pointed out there were too many Enclave Remnants coming from one location. Calling HAAAAX!, Dr. Hax destroyed the Hacker's control of the Stargate, cutting off reinforcements and sending the Enclave Remnants running. The battle was over...

The Search for Project Titan

Rhiza discovered that the symbols she found on the Enclave database were actually Stargate symbols and that if put together, could dial the world where Project Titan was located. Unfortunately, Rhiza only managed to find four symbols, meaning a road trip to the Republic of Coruscant was needed to gather the rest of the required information.

After the trip to Coruscant, she attempted to get the required data with help from Rodney McKay only to have the base suffer from a power outage midway through the download of the symbol data. Judging by the file name, Project Titan is a 10-chevron address.

Journey to Alpha Centauri

Rodney informed the group about a possible location of another Enclave database, located somewhere in the Alpha Centauri system. Using this information, the SGC set off to the system.

The journey was mostly uneventful, except for the Alternate Reality Machine that Stylesrj constructed, which quickly worked to damaging effect on his mental state.

Battle of Chiron

I certainly wasn't expecting this kind of ambush... especially in these numbers... there is only one possible explanation...

—Rhiza solving a problem

Rhiza found an Enclave research base on the planet Chiron and a strike was launched towards it. Stylesrj's sanity was quickly deteriorating, she and McKay mostly ignored his delusions.

She showed her skills as a hacker as the strike team attempted to enter the Enclave base through a secret entrance, having reprogrammed the door to open for the group.

She then showed she could do more than "realistic" hacking by counter-hacking an attempt on the team's life by the Hacker, turning his Deathclaws into tiny, easily-burned creatures, by abusing the Fallout]' Console.
Her abuse of the console however did not go unnoticed by the Hacker though...

Battle of the Control Room

Looks like someone else is playing with the setscale command!

—Said after being zapped with a Lazy Beam

Once at the Enclave database, the Hacker put his revenge into action, replacing the computer with a Muffy before Rhiza could link up with the systems. At the same time, he altered Rhiza's scale through console abuse, making the Muffy appear bigger than what it normally should be.

Then the Hacker used her PDA as a communications system to broadcast the group's impending doom, sending a single Enclave soldier with a Chainsword at Rhiza. However, it seems that despite her smaller scale, the plasma pistol she carries is still dangerous.

This advantage did not last long however, as the power cells in the pistol ran dry and she could not recharge the weapon in the middle of combat. She was punted across the room by the soldier's forceful blow and had her right arm crushed severely, meaning she couldn't even operate her PDA or use a weapon.

Because Stylesrj had to deal with several soldiers, he was too late to save Rhiza (who he then called Adha).

Rescue Operation

While Stylesrj went to seek aid, Rhiza woke up to find herself swimming in a pickle jar. This didn't seem to affect her as she could move, breathe and talk while under brine.

The Enclave soldier who had captured her was the first one to greet her when she awoke. The Enclave commander shortly entered the room and revealed himself to be the Hacker. Confused as to why the Hacker was on Chiron, he revealed himself to be actually General "Pinpoint" Townes, masquerading as the Hacker.

He revealed what his plan was to use Rhiza as a hostage for a Stargate so then he could get to Project Titan due to having the co-ordinates.

Townes threatened to eat Rhiza to show he was serious about his plans. When Stylesrj thought he was bluffing and launched a space fleet, Townes swallowed Rhiza whole. Her "last words" happened to be complaining about how Townes thought solid matter could slow down light and how he should have specified exactly what he was saying.

It was soon revealed that Rhiza actually was not dead, and felt like she could take a walk if she wanted to.

Second Battle of Chiron

Rhiza tried to educate General Townes with her thorough knowledge of rocket science, much to the General's dismay, demonstrating no such interest.

After several hijinks in both space and on the ground though, Stylesrj burst into the control room and attacked Townes. There was a long, epic battle between the two which involved several ludicrous abilities from both sides, including throwing large rocks and dropping planets, just like in Final Fantasy.

Even Townes' attempts to absorb Rhiza's survivability powers (and purple hair) still led to his death.

Her arm got better too somehow, despite the damages sustained surely would have taken months.

Return to the SGC

Alien Invasion

Comet Adventures

Battle of Nar Kreeta

Boarding Action

Project Titan





Rhiza is seen as a strong, independent-minded woman, hardened by the rigours of battle. However, she has a strict "No-kill" policy, her weapons either designed or set to levels that would only stun or badly wound her opponents. When given a choice to fight or run away, she mostly chooses the second option, perhaps after wounding the target.

She is also known to chronically complain about the problems in the DYOS universe, even if she should by all means be used to the ridiculousness of it all, although she does indulge herself at times and joins with the madness, so long as it's to her benefit.


Stylesrj - Married. During their high school years, Rhiza and Stylesrj were just good friends and partners in science. While Stylesrj was the practical type, Rhiza performed all the underlying science. While they both seem to complement each other in roles, how they got together with such differing personalities is a mystery to many.

Georgie Kalanin - Siblings. Rhiza does not get along with her brother very well. They used to be close siblings, helping each other out in their younger years: Georgie being the diplomatic type and Rhiza being more tech-savy. As they got older though, they drifted apart, soon only sending Christmas cards to each other to remind themselves that they were still alive.

However, Georgie stopped receiving cards a few years ago after Rhiza became an adventurer, and their relationship deteriorated quickly into dislike.

Commander Richard Hall - Former Lovers. Between DYOSes 5 - 10.5, Rhiza almost gave up hope at one point of finding her husband. She had a brief fling with Commander Hall and bore a child. The child was left with Commander Hall and not mentioned again until late DYOS XI.

Gregory Hall - Child. To be determined in DYOS XII


Rhiza carries a PDA system on her left arm.
See: Rhiza PDA

Early DYOS

Rhiza pre-DYOS 10.5

In many flashbacks of her past, Rhiza is seen wearing leather armour that exposes her midriff. This was the main article of clothing she wore around the house and even during her searches.

For weaponry, the only thing she had in the house at the time was a 10mm pistol and a sharp kitchen knife.

Plans Within Plans

Rhiza during DYOS 10.5

Rhiza in DYOS X.V wore the leather armour up until a certain point when she joined Talon Company and started using their uniform and armour.

For weaponry, she has a 10mm pistol, but she is mostly seen using a laser pistol for her work. At some point, she acquired a second pistol and sometimes dual-wields them in combat.

She is also sometimes seen wearing a pair of sunglasses. According to Rhiza, they bring her extra luck as well as making her look cooler.

She later on acquires an Infiltration Module for computer work on her Personal Digital Assistant.


Rhiza during DYOS 11

Throughout the middle of DYOS XI, Rhiza wore a set of black robes, with her Talon Company Light Padded Armour underneath.

For weaponry, she was primarily armed with a plasma pistol, but also has dual stun laser pistols and a 10mm as backup weapons.

Her Personal Digital Assistant has an Assisted Targeting System added onto it to help improve her accuracy


Rhiza's current outfit

After returning to Talon Company in late DYOS XI, Rhiza started wearing an official Blood Gulch Mercenary uniform with her padded Talon armour underneath

As for weapons, due to losing her plasma pistol and a laser pistol is only armed with a single stun laser and 10mm pistol. She also has a Lazy Beam in her arsenal.


Dressed for stealth

During stealth missions, or when using a heavy drop pod (or in some cases, both) Rhiza forgoes most of her armour to wear an advanced Stealth Suit. Made from a lightweight yet tough material, the Stealth Suit can also allow the wearer to be camouflaged with the surrounding terrain when activated.

Skills & Abilities


Rhiza is mostly the scientist type, having knowledge in the theory fields of science, such as chemistry, and mathematics. She also has great computer skills.

She can work with and repair energy weapons, even those unknown to her in some cases.

Her lack of strength leads to being more agile than most people, useful for engaging in running away activities. She also has a very high tolerance for pain, withstanding bullets, lasers and severe injuries.


Rhiza is highly skilled with using energy weapons. From her laser pistols to a plasma pistol, she can deliver precision accuracy and maiming power. However, due to her "No direct killing" approach, she mostly uses the weapons to wound or cause their deaths through other means, such as dropping girders on them by melting a few support rivets.

She can dual wield energy weapons effectively as well, due to their lack of recoil, but this does not mean she can injure two people at once, just that she can injure one person more effectively.

She also knows basic firearm operations and can effectively wield projectile weapons, but she does not like to use them, preferring something that has a lower chance of killing the target while increasing the chances of incapacitation.

Close Range

Unlike Stylesrj or anyone else for that matter, Rhiza's melee combat skills are terrible, only knowing basic self defense against people, like unskilled muggers. While some people would think her laser weapons can crack skulls open if she used them as pistol whips, a skilled combatant can easily neutralise her ability to fight back, which has led to incidents of being captured by the enemy without a fight, not because they grabbed her upper arm.


I spent years studying the universe and learned how many things are completely impossible... then I married Stylesrj.

—Rhiza commenting about the usefulness of her skills

This is different to computer skills. Rhiza is a skilled scientist, having a doctorate in physics, chemistry and mathematics. While these don't see much use in DYOS, they give her a wide range of knowledge to work with when it comes to solving problems.

When asked what kind of physics she's got a doctorate in, she changes it each time.


Rhiza's computer skills are immensely powerful. She is a highly skilled hacker, being able to crack computer systems with speed and skill.

Her abilities have manifested into hacking reality, although this is used sparingly to prevent Dr. Hax from killing her with a computer monitor. Even then, she occasionally gets a monitor thrown at her, to remind her not to use her abilities for evil, like The Hacker.


I was wondering why I thought their aim was off...

—Rhiza after being shot several times

Rhiza is able to withstand many things that would most certainly cause the death of a normal person. This is mostly because of her Kalanin survivability

She also has somehow developed a very high tolerance for pain. Probably deadened nerves, which isn't a good sign.


Rhiza Kalanin has been the first Stylesrj-made character from Galava to make it into DYOS so far. And she wasn't used very much there. Stylesrj likes to joke about how that whenever she is used in a roleplay, it ends prematurely or never starts.

The character originally was going to look like Crusader Rhiza from Supreme Commander, but during creation, she was mistakenly believed to have purple hair. Because Stylesrj wanted a diplomatic character, he added the last name of Kalanin, as a homage to Georgie (both in Galava and in DYOS)

Early in her introduction, Rhiza was confused with Major Kusanagi as a brief running gag.

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