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The PDA device
The desktop interface.

A Personal Digital Assistant worn around Rhiza Kalanin's left arm. It apparently has been in her possession since she was a child and it has served her well since.

It is the most prevalent pieces of equipment. The device is self-powered by both fission batteries and static electricity, making its power source almost limitless.
The device is highly modular. While it comes with many standard features, it can have several additions added to it to further improve its capabilities, much like the Pip-Boy 2000/3000 in Fallout 3
What it isn't however is a Pipboy or anything related along the lines.

Standard Features

When Rhiza first acquired the device, it came with several standard features built into it.

  • 200GB of information storage, including pictures
  • Audio recording and storage
  • Tactile Contact Pad
  • Flashlight
  • Built to last for hundreds of years with the minimal amount of servicing.
  • Able to withstand a direct 50 megaton atomic blast
  • EMP shielded
  • Radiation detection equipment
  • Digital Watch (broken)
  • Fortune telling program

Added Features

Since then, it has been modified and expanded upon to include several new programs and devices.

  • WarGames Suite
  • Red Alert 3
  • Fallout 3 Console
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Master Collection CS4
  • Firefox Webbrowser
  • Winamp
  • VLC Media Player
  • A Syndicate Codebreaker (what Syndicate, Rhiza will not divulge.)
  • Crysis

The PDA originally came with a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System, but due to extensive modifications, the OS is unknown, but appears to be compatible with any network, as long as Rhiza can establish a wireless communication with the device being used, even alien technology far beyond Human understanding ("It'll take me some time to crack the security codes though. Give me a few minutes")

Additional Modules

The modules are all custom-made by Rhiza herself and fit neatly into the PDA. This is mostly additional hardware, as there are limits to what software can provide

  • Infiltration (Assists in cracking digital locking systems. Uses the Syndicate Codebreaker to operate)
  • Assisted Targeting System (Allows easier aim for unskilled weapons users)
  • Subspace Ansible (Allows communications across the universe when combined with a communications device, such as CODEC. Close range can still be jammed though)
  • Crysis Compatibility Module (A rare device which allows the PDA to operate and run the game Crysis for extended periods of time)
  • Doppler Scanner (Motion tracker)