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Definitely not in any circumstance to be confused with Rocket J. Squirrel
Vostok 8K72K (The Rocket)
Mwahahahahaha! I'll take over the worl... oh, never mind.
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 5
No. appearances More than considered acceptable
Nickname(s) That Crazy Schizo Traitor, Backstabbing Bastard, Dirty Treacherous Commie, and variants thereof
Aliases Rocket, Lord Comrade, Supreme Premier
Species R-7 rocket family
Gender None
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown

Evil overlord

  • Former General of the New Avatar Order
  • Former Commander-in-Chief of the Taillenian Starfleet
  • Former Emperor of the Taillenian Empire
Nationality 22px Taillenian Empire
KoolAidMan.PNG New Avatar Order

Rocket is Taillesskangaru's former avatar and notorious powergamer and backstabber.


File:Rocket bio.PNG
The Rocket, in his avatar form and as depicted in Garry's Mod by CivGeneral

From his entry into DYOS 5 until the middle of DYOS 6, Taillesskangaru used the Rocketry tech icon from Civ4 as his avatar. During that time, Taillesskangaru and Rocket were essentially the same character. TK/Rocket ruled over the so-called Taillenian Socialist Republic in DYOS 5, and invaded Civfanatica and the city-state of Sidpolis in DYOS 6 in pursuit of the Mods' Fridge.

From the middle of DYOS 6 onwards (roughly from when Taillesskangaru was taken by Genghis Khan after changing his avatar to a kangaroo) Taillesskangaru and Rocket became separate characters - Rocket retaining the quasi-evil, belligerent, explosive, powergaming, totalitarian attitude of the earlier days.

The next time Rocket became involved in the story was in DYOS X, when as an abandoned avatar he revolted against Taillesskangaru during the Avatar Uprising, and joined the New Avatar Order. However, during the Battle of Earth, he betrayed the Supreme Avatar Commander and joined the Forumers against him after being promised half of Earth and Thunderfall's death. In fact, he only got the Earth's core, which turned out to be the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel, which mauled him. Rocket's flagship exploded, with Rocket still inside, and nothing much was heard of him for a while.

Eventually Rocket rejoined the story. However, this time his personality was fused with Taillesskangaru's (the poster also reverted back to using a rocket avatar during this period). This resulted in Rocket having two conflicting personalities. Rocket's was usually dominant, and he briefly refounded the Taillenian Empire to further his expansionist ambition. This time coincided with the Combine Insurgency and Rocket betrayed the New Avatar Order, the Republic of Coruscant, the Eastern Union, and (later) Choxorn, moving his forces into Moscow and attacking all sides indiscriminately. This over-enthusiastic policy was bound to fail; his forces in Moscow were soon wiped out by zombies, while those in the rest of Russia were defeated by the Coruscantis or deserted. Rocket, however, was not too concerned, as he descended into the underground labyrinth underneath the SAC's citadel, expecting to find priceless treasure and/or a plot device. There he was apprehended by CivGeneral and Company. (The treasure turned out to be not as valuable as expected.)

Rocket soon escaped from custody, and fled to a place in Central Asia called "Kashkand". Where it is and why it is important is never explained (the poster went on hiatus). When he came back, he was just in time to stop Toyoda's people from hacking into the Taillenian Starfleet Central Command. At this time, Rocket gained a third personality (auctioned off for one of the Toyoda Papers). He was captured - again - by CivGeneral. This time, he wished to redeem himself, and began helping CivGeneral against the Combines. While fleeing from a Combine army, Rocket and Choxorn were imprisoned in the Unexisted Dimension. This caused Rocket's and Taillesskangaru's personality to split once again (the third personality apparently became their prison warden). Rocket and Choxorn were let out by The Narrator breaking the fourth wall (for a very large sum). Rocket was then dragged off by Taillesskangaru, and both were abducted by the Narrator, and the three eventually traveled to Arrakis to stop a malfunctioning Giant Death Robot built to retrieve the Gem.

Plans Within Plans

Rocket reappeared in Plans Within Plans, approaching Cosmonarmada Vostok Commander Hannibal Barca seemingly to offer a deal. Somewhat reluctantly, Hannibal agreed to talk with him over breakfast.

Rocket told Hannibal that he and Taillesskangaru had found the Anti-Gem, the legendary object which negates the power of the Gem and also cause its holder to obsessively hunt for the Gem itself. After a lengthy explanation about the function of the Anti-Gem, Rocket forced Hannibal into contact with it, setting him on course to hunt for its twin. Rocket also informed Hannibal that Taillesskangaru had disappeared after finding the Anti-Gem. Rocket did accompany Taillesskangaru to Wetickra to find the Anti-Gem (as, it was implied, transport), but betrayed him to the Clone Guild afterwards.

Rocket is currently accompanying Hannibal's fact-finding expedition to Arrakis.


The Rocket is a Soviet Vostok rocket of uncertain manufacturage. The Vostok is normally quite large (almost 40m high) but Rocket height varies greatly. Sometimes he has arms and/or legs, sometimes he doesn't.

Although normally the Vostok was used to deliver payload (notably the Vostok spacecraft) into the Earth's orbit, Rocket is capable of atmospheric, suborbital, orbital, interplanetary, and interstellar flights. He can also function as a missile or ICBM and deliver explosive or nuclear warheads, and he typically emerges unscathed after such attacks.

Behind the scenes

In the Garry's Mod depiction of Rocket, the main body consist of a Soviet gasmask soldier with the head shrunk to nothing (similar to the Demoman's eyelander kill effect on the enemy) with a missile model from Half-Life 2.