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"I'm Dr. Rodney McKay, alright? Difficult takes a few seconds; impossible, a few minutes"

Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, better known as Rodney McKay, due to his dislike of his real first name, is a brilliant Canadian astrophysicist, and one of the leading experts on, not only the Stargate and wormhole physics, but also Ancient and nanite technology in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. Although he is able to formulate many ground-breaking ideas on a broad range of subjects, his phobias and arrogance continually serve as a hindrance to his abilities.

Hacker Crisis

Rodney used to work for the United States area of Coruscant as overseer for several old Enclave projects that were considered foolish delusions in the past (DYOS X.V) but then he later on joined Stylesrj in his expedition to find Project Titan.

While commonly referred to as "Dr. McKay", Rhiza and Stylesrj call him Rodney when they are upset over his arrogant behaviour.

He used to have command over the Heavy Cruiser Galactica, but since boarding the Comet Observatory, he's had no contact with the ship and it's presumed destroyed or just in hiding.

Behind the scenes

Rodney was meant to be an attempt at having a third main character since Stylesrj had only two working at the time. However, another scientist who did roughly the same work as Rhiza didn't pay off too well, nor did the fact that Stylesrj never made a Fallout 3 version of him.
He was reduced to background support, and subsequently death.


One of Rodney's most dangerous of allergies is that of citrus. Apparently, a single bite of lemon could kill him.

"Attack Pattern Citrus"