Roger Faarlander

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Roger Faarlander
File:Roger Faarlander.png
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance N/A
No. appearances N/A
Nickname(s) Roger, that other guy (when adressed by Ridley)
Aliases Murray
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Address None


  • Part-time pilot
  • Part-time Space Pirate
  • Part-time Spacecadet
Family Unknown
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unknown
Starsign None
Religion Unknown
Nationality Space Pirate

A Space Pirate mercenary with a withdrawn attitude. He's concerned about his partner, Alex Merc, who often bosses him around. He's also nervous of nature although he has a tough appearance. He is concerned about Lucifer, who he and Alex bumped into while travelling through space, leaving him floating around without any aid.


Most of Roger Faarlander's background is unknown. He has seemed to be the partner of Alex Merc in a while, and they have a share of understanding for each other, though Alex sometimes (or rather mostly) doesn't listen to him whatsoever. That said, they seem to be on good terms with each other, and Roger seems capable in surviving critical situations (such as when he and Alex were chased down by lord_joakim). Roger being a mercenary seems to be due to a massive need for money, since he and Alex started working for the Hacker and the Space Pirates in the start of DYOS XI. People who have known Roger personally since his childhood refers to him as 'a person with a heart of gold'. They do mention however that he's both rather timid and cowardly, especially when he's in a situation he's more-or-less incapable of understanding.


Roger and Alex first appeared in a SW casino-fighter, where they unintentionally forced Lucifer to travel through space without his skateboard. Though they didn't make any important appearances afterwards, they were reintroduced later by CivGeneral in the chamber of Mother Brain 2.0, where they were revealed to be Space Pirates who were only working undercover for Stylesjl in order to gather information from the liberating side of the HAX-conflict. Alex made a suggestion that they both should head off to Earth in order to "explore" the current situation.

After Mother Brain 2.0 was destroyed by CivGeneral and Samus Aran, the pair made another appearance, where they both were in a Space Pirate-vessel, still travelling towards Earth. They got a brief message from the Space Pirates to head to Nar Kreeta in order to fight The Republic of Couruscant. Though Roger made a suggestion that they should head back, Alex shrugged off the message and assumed it wasn't well worth it, since their contractor, Mother Brain, was already dead (he disliked the computer either way).

They would finally become significant characters when Alex and Roger appeared in an unknown location, where they encountered lord_joakim, who they immediately fled from. On their way, they encountered Mephiles, who was busy poking a muffy. Roger picked her up in an attempt to save her, in case Joakim would try to kill her, and took her with them into their vessel, where they would fly off.

They later arrived to Hyrule, where they were able to shake off Joakim, though they also crashed their space-vessel. Malon gave them temporary healthcare and gave them a ride to the Hyrule-plains, while getting to know them.

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