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Rosalina Sunburst
The Other Ace Attorney
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story XI
No. appearances Frequent
Aliases None
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Also Unknown
Age Unknown, due to Special Relativity. Perhaps hundreds of years.
Address Comet Observatory

Guardian of the Universe [1]

  • Lawyer
  • Motorbike Racer
  • Marksman
Family Unknown mother & father (both dead)
Children Her Lumas
Starsign Luma
Religion Star Mother
Nationality None

When Phoenix said he wouldn't represent his case, Stylesrj called me. A friend in need is a friend indeed... especially when he's got a lot of space mileage...

— Rosalina describing why she's helping in the Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj case

Rosalina Sunburst[2] is a character from the game Super Mario Galaxy.


When Rosalina was young, she found a lost Luma when she discovered the wreck of a spaceship. The Luma was looking for its mother and needed Rosalina's help.

She was only a little girl at the time, so she decided to comply. They searched for a long time, then decided it would take too long and they rebuilt the spaceship (this pre-dated a certain character's ability) and set off to the stars. We're guessing she didn't say goodbye to her parents, or even told them what she was up to. Or maybe she did and they didn't believe she was being serious...

Either way, she eventually ran out of food and got lost in space before crashing into a comet and searching for the Luma's mother that way. She then realised that travelling at speeds faster than light was taking a toll on the passage of time and realised her family would be dead if she ever returned to Earth. Crying, her Luma friend comforted her and helped with the construction of an observatory (which the comet somehow had the materials for it within)

Rosalina found more Lumas, who then eventually saw her as a mother figure. She then decided it was her job to be the mother of the Lumas and see that they have long, prosperous lives. She'd make time to visit Earth every 100 years or so to reminisce about the past as well.

DYOS History

Ok, now that's out of the way, her DYOS history is much different after all that.

Rosalina used to work for the secret Extraterrestrial Combat organisation during one of her trips to Earth. She met Stylesrj there and quickly became friends.

Why she had been working for X-COM is a mystery, but shortly after her involvement, she made an exception to her 100 year rule and visited Earth more often, soon learning how to drive racing karts and performing motocross stunts, as well as taking up legal studies and becoming a prominent lawyer.

At a point between the Battle of Chiron and the Second Battle of Chiron, she was contacted to be Stylesrj's lawyer for the Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj retrial.


In the Super Mario Galaxy games, Rosalina is seen as a kind-hearted mother figure to those she meets.

In DYOS, she retains aspects of this, but also can be seen as manipulative and cold-hearted at points. She also tends to refer to people by their title and surname, even if they are (or should be) on a first name basis, although if there are many people sharing a last name, she may resort to using a first name.



Throughout many comics, Rosalina was always in a long teal dress with a silver crown. This didn't provide much protection in combat, but she never got involved with anything major until she joined Stylesrj's crew and was part of it for several weeks.

In combat situations, she'll quickly summon a set of combat armour made from lightweight and strong materials, supplemented by kinetic barriers. She also has a spare for anyone else who may need a suit or if the first one is damaged

Recently, Rosalina has been seen without her crown, even when she's not in combat.


With her X-COM experience, Rosalina has found great skill in the use of rifled weapons, particularly assault rifles and grenade launchers. She normally carries a grenade launcher with her arsenal, although she may have an assault rifle for backup.

Special Items

Rosalina carries a star-shaped wand with her at times. This doesn't do anything special except sparkle and make her abilities look more magical when she waves it about.

She also carries on her person an anti-gravity device to allow hovering above the ground and a thought-activated energy shield generator to supplement any kinetic barrier she has or if she needs protection outside of combat.

Special Abilities

File:Psychic Vision.png
Rosalina using Psychic Aura Vision during Operation Toppling Goddesses


In case of emergencies, I can be used as a floatation device

—Rosalina giving out a safety lecture on her spaceship

Rosalina can levitate objects from a distance using her mind, much like a Jedi or a Biotic. Similar to Lucy's vectors

This also means she can use her powers to crush heavy objects with psychic force.

Psychic Aura Vision

There's the little freaks!

—Rosalina spotting targets in a building

This allows Rosalina to see people in an area without having intervening obstacles such as walls blocking her sight. The people show up as glowing yellow auras, as long as they are showing brain activity. However during the enhanced vision, the intervening obstacles are harder to determine in shape and distance, so she does not use the ability very often, if to avoid bumping into walls.


This only applies between herself and her Lumas due to the bond they share. Otherwise, she is incapable of reading thoughts or mind control.


Rosalina can see into the future, but it's very vague and tends to be spoken in proverbs, making it almost useless in application.

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  1. Not to be confused with Defender of the Universe. Guardian is a title that people have given her
  2. She doesn't have a last name in the Mario series. This was just an addition by Stylesrj