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Ross Ray, QC

Ross Ray, QC is an Australian barrister and served as the President of the Law Council of Australia from 2007 to 2008.[1]

Ross Ray studied at Monash University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Jurisprudence and a Bachelor of Laws, graduating in 1975.[2] He has practised in a range of areas and participated in some of Australia's most well known cases.[3] Ray was Chair of the Victorian Bar in 2004 and 2005. He has appeared in many major coronial investigations and Royal Commissions, including the Grand Prix death at Albert Park.

His wife, Mara, is also a Victorian barrister.

For Great Justice

Ray took interest in the case of Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj, ordering a retrial under a personally-appointed judge.[4] Although Stylesrj could not be reached, the Council continued preparations, recalling most of the witnesses and securing an "impartial" judge. Ray's colleagues began to worry he was growing obsessive over the case.

"Well, that's a novel way of avoiding subpoena."
Christopher Branson, on Stylesrj's death

When Stylesrj was assassinated by his own personnel, it appeared as though the re-trial was dead in the water. Not so, asserted Kroon, who suggested they try him in absentia. Further doubt was cast on Ray's state of mind when in response to Branson's concern that trying someone posthumously was legally questionable, Ray responded: "We are the law."[5]

When Stylesrj returned as an RA3 ripoff emperor, the Law Council rallied behind Ray in what they saw as a deliberate snub to the Australian legal process. But although their president's credibility was no longer in question, Stylesrj's command battleship was sovereign territory, and they were unable to extradite him. Pressing the attack, Ray resorted to desperate measures, hiring the 333rd Special Air Service Squadron to forcibly bring Stylesrj to Canberra.[6] The Azzamen prepared an ambush on Arrakis in the hope of outsmarting Stylesrj when he decided to return to the story, while Ray himself surprised Georgie Kalanin during the Battle of Arrakis disguised as Sergei Molotov.[7]

Where Are They Now?

Ray, Kroon, Branson and the Azzamen, content with the acquisition of someone who has traditionally worked with Stylesrj, brought Georgie to Canberra for interrogation. In an oddly near-sighted move, no guards were left in case Stylesrj did end up pursuing the story, which he did almost immediately following.[8]

John Corcoran, Ray's successor as President of the Law Council, appointed Ray as chief organizer of the ongoing retrial, promising to provide him everything he needs to make the final trial work. Ray has vowed never to rest (metaphorically speaking) until Stylesrj gets his day in court.

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Preceded by
Tim Bugg
President of the Law Council of Australia
2007 – 2008
Succeeded by
John Corcoran