Roxane Rose

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Roxane Rose
Hackergeddon character
Roxane Rose.jpg
Roxane's introductory appearance, Fallout 3.
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Created by CivGeneral
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of death 24 September 2010
Age Mid 20s
Nationality Unknown

Roxane Rose was a slave labourer of the Space Pirates seen in DRAW Your Own Story 11 that accompanied reinforcements to Zebes in anticipation of CivGeneral's incursion into the planet.[1] Disguised as The Pyro, she guided CG and Samus to the Computer Core Matrix housing Mother Brain 2.0[2] and accompanied them through the Mothership.[3] Securing a transport to flee the site, Roxane revealed herself and asked to join them in their flight for FREEDOM.[4]

Roxane wasn't seen again until further in the story, when Faye Valentine revealed she'd been treated with the P30 mind control serum to serve as a sleeper agent.[5] Despite this warning, Roxane wasn't quarantined, nor were staff notified; indeed, when CivGeneral and Co. met with her at Brotherhood headquarters, Faye was even in the same room. The presence of both CivGeneral and Major Kusanagi triggered the drug and Roxane tried to kill them; unable to safely remove the P30, and surmising the chemical withdrawal would kill her anyway, Jill Valentine shot her dead.[6]

Fun facts

  • Roxane's Fallout model, only seen in the introductory comic, shows her with glasses, whereas her later Gmod model is shown without.
  • Despite stating that Roxane is compromised, Faye is surprised when she turns on CG and Co. later in the story.