Rtas 'Vadum

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Rtas 'Vadum
Nickname(s) Half-Jaw, Ship Master, Commander
Allegiance Covenant Seperatists
Years of service ???-2008
Rank Spec Ops Commander, Ship Master
Awards Sword Spree x5
Killing Spree x6
Running Riot x2
Double Kill x7
Triple Kill x2
Overkill x1
Beatdown x28
Sniper Kill x6

Rtas 'Vadum is an Elite from Halo, and a former major character of choxorn, prior to his avatar switch from the Arbiter.

In DYOS 10, a joke in a comic by Stylesrj turned into a running joke, whereby Rtas would kill anyone who called him "Half-Jaw" or "Ship Master", due to being tired of called those instead of his actual name.


He showed up frequently with the Arbiter, piloting a Phantom from Halo. Due to the low amount of comics choxorn made in DYOS 9, that's all that ever really happened to him and the Arbiter.


At the beginning of DYOS 10, he was captured by choxorn's former avatars, and at some point taken to Prophet SEAL's Ship located somewhere in space. He stayed prisoner here for a while. A month after his capture, choxorn and Wanda crashed a ship into the Carrier, and were captured not long after. However, all 3 were rescued by kill fire. They then found a Superweapon in the Carrier capable of killing them all and destroying the nearby planet of Braxis, and engaged in a fight against choxorn's former avatars and Prophet SEAL. During this fight, Wanda was teleported away, choxorn's former Civ III Infantry Avatar and Prophet SEAL were killed, the superweapon was destroyed, and they narrowly escaped and were picked up by the Shadow of Intent, a CCS-class Battlecruiser, somewhere in space.

The cruiser later came to the space battle happening above Earth, joined in, destroyed a Gravity Well, and almost got pwnt by the forces of the Stylesrj Avatar Army before being rescued by CivGeneral. Some random crap involving Stylesrj ensued, and eventually choxorn and Rtas ended up on a planet, and went to get some things for an informant, who turned out to be choxorn's alien avatar, who captured them. A while later, choxorn switched avatars, and blew up the alien, the Arbiter, and Rtas with a bomb.