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SA-X armed with X Parasite vial and a Plasma Pistol
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Last appearance Unknown
No. appearances Couple
Nickname(s) None
Aliases Samus Aran-X
Species X Parasite, mimicking Samus Aran
Gender N/A, favouring Female
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Agent of the Enclave
Nationality Enclave Symbol.png Enclave

The SA-X (also known as Samus Aran-X) is an X Parasite mimicking Samus Aran. After Samus's first encounter with the X on SR388, her Power Suit was infected by the parasites. The Galactic Federation removed the suit surgically and sent the pieces to the Biologic Space Laboratories research station's Quarantine Bay. Once there, the infected suit parts transformed into a X resembling Samus (it should be noted in SA-X's first closeup, the helmet and upper torso seem to be a shade of purple). The SA-X was able to use a Power Bomb to escape the Quarantine Bay, which caused the capsules containing all the X to break open, starting the infestation.

The Parasite X was defeated during the events of Metroid Fusion.

Return of SA-X

It wasn't until the events after the Avatar Wars when the Space Nazis stumbled upon the X Parasite and other swag after the conquest of Zebes. The Space Nazis gave the Combine the vials of Parasite X, which were handed down to the Enclave along with CivGeneral's old uniform and Samus's power suit[3] for use in their research.

The Enclave quickly went ahead and tried the Parasite X on some cell samples extracted from Samus's power suit, along with a couple of modifications to make her pass as a human[4]. Aside from the Enclave Zero Suit given to her, she looks like a clone of Samus Aran, though a mishap with some Phazon crystals caused her right eye to lose its pupil as well as gain blue veins on her face.

During the early events of DYOS 10.5, she and CG-X were tasked to track down CivGeneral and Samus Aran and ultimately capture them. Dr. Breen's objective in their capture was to remove a powerhead of the Republic of Coruscant and accelerate its demise through the combined forces of the Combine and their puppet states in retaliation for their defeat in the Combine-Coruscant War. She and CG-X were successful in capturing the two heroes along with their friends, though they managed to escape soon afterward. The escape was interrupted by a short meeting between CivGeneral and Dr. Breen, and the eventual 2-vs-1 fight[5]. Just as the Storm Commandos stormed in, she gave the injured CivGeneral the kiss of death, infecting him with the X Parasite.

As the Third Nazi War progressed, the Enclave, facing inevitable defeat, sent both CG-X and SA-X to occupied Germany. Eventually Manfred Hickten assigned SA-X to assassinate CivGeneral, though her attempts were foiled by the rejuvinated CivGeneral. After realizing that he now has the Metroid DNA in him, she cringes in fear of being absorbed by either CivGeneral or Samus Aran. This fear would be exploited by CivGeneral, Samus, Thorvald of Lym, Bjørn, & Spongebob Squarepants[6] to gather information on the Space Nazis and the Enclave.

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  1. Original
  2. Return of SA-X
  3. Confiscated during Samus's mission in Nar Kreeta
  4. The original SA-X had neither irises nor pupils in her eyes
  5. SA-X refused to fight Samus due to the Metroid DNA within her. Her fear would later resurface when she re-encountered CivGeneral in England
  6. Motoko Kusanagi would soon learn later on about SA-X's weakness and encourage both CivGeneral and Samus Aran to exploit her fear